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Summer is, unfortunately, starting to come to a close, but there is good new son the horizon: that also means that the 2022 Hot & Fit competition is just around the corner. With the deadline a mere 13 weeks away (Tuesday, November 15th, write it down if you haven't already), it means that if you haven't been thinking about how you're going to get yourself Hot & Fit ready, it's time that you did.

To help motivate you, and really lock in on "going for gold" (or in this case the cover), we've given you a quick little guide into how YOU can achieve a Hot & Fit Ready mind set, just in time for the metaphorical big day.

Having an attractive face is something that Mother Nature grants to some of us beyond our control – but having a sleek, lithe, sizzling hot body is something we have the ability and means to work for. It’s essentially the culmination of training, nutrition and lifestyle in one very aesthetically appealing package.

What you see on the pages of this issue is not to be considered so elite that it’s out of reach for you; on the contrary, achieving the same level of fitness success is very much open to anyone who makes the commitment toward this goal and executes the plan meticulously. Here’s a look at some essential ways in which your mindset plays a huge role in making you hot and fit to your fullest potential:

>> Don’t go it alone. You may be surprised to learn that the shape of pretty much every one of the 100 models in this issue was a team effort. Although the journey is very personal and the results manifested are the product of 100 unique experiences, there are usually many people who’ve played key roles in our models’ accomplishments. These include personal trainers, prep coaches, nutritionists, fellow athletes, makeup artists and even family and friends. What you’re doing herein (should you decide to follow in their footsteps with the hope of appearing on our pages yourself) is painting a very intricate picture – this can be a tough task, if you take on everything flying solo.

So make sure you strike a balance of focusing on improving your body with laser-like precision while not being reclusive and anti-social. Reach out to trainers first and see who comes highly recommended. Find out who are the most experienced of your fellow athletes and tap into their wealth of knowledge; you may be surprised to discover how many of them will give you a helping hand and share profound wisdom which you can apply for yourself!

>> Positive reinforcement produces goal attainment. If you’re considering training toward appearing in Inside Fitness it’s more than likely that you’ve already established a strong foundation for muscle-building and fat loss. In other words, you’re not starting from scratch. Therefore, you should already be familiar with fitness principles such as non-linear progress (the ups and downs) and periodization (keeping your program constantly changing to encourage reliable muscle stimulation). However, one important element that can make or break you is your mindset. You’ve got to constantly maintain a positive spirit which will produce the necessary energy and drive to get you to where you want to be. Harken back to your very first success in fitness – you should have patted yourself on the back way back then, and you should continue to do it within a Hot & Fit 100 context too. Don’t be discouraged by disappointments and setbacks – in the same way that you kept emotionally strong when you were first starting out, now more than ever should you brush off minor letdowns as you climb to the top of the mountain.

>> You have two choices. Either way, you can’t go wrong. The motivations of our models is wildly varied, but they can essentially be classified into one of two camps: (1) those who work, grind and sweat in order to appear in a photo shoot for a one-time publication and then cross this accomplishment off their bucket list; (2) those who plan on keeping their gains, sustaining the healthy fitness lifestyle, and potentially re-appearing in our Hot & Fit 100 year after year (after all, it does make things easier for you next time around, if you don’t let all your gains subside). Whichever mindset you apply to this quest, you really can’t lose. This is fitness we’re talking about! Any effort you make toward improving your shape, whether it’s a one-off or a long-term lifestyle change, will not only make you hotter and fitter, but also give you loads of healthy benefits.

That’s exactly why we’re so proud of the meaningful significance of being Canada’s number one fitness magazine year after year!

Click here to submit your three photos to the Hot & Fit 100, if you haven't done so already. Interested in submitting additional photos? Check out the package options for sale on that page as well.

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