Skin Care 101: Part 1 of 2 -

Written By Laura Soulios (@laura_soulios & @body_tuned_by)

We live in a world where we are definitely trying to keep up with “The Jones” (aka “Kardashian’s”). We care about what we look like in all aspects, and how people view us. From the latest clothing, accessories, products and services we want our neighbours and the world to know about us, and to envy us, just a little, but let’s be honest here, even if we step out of a Lamborghini Huracan, wearing the latest D&G jeans and crop T, the eyes of our admirers or haters will eventually find their way to our skin and face, which no amount of accessories can hide. The skin is where the phrase ‘looking good naked’ comes from. No make-up, no filters, little or no clothes. Up close and personal, that’s where it’s at, and that’s where I step in. In our previous article, Keeping It Fresh, we talked about “Quarantine Skin Care Tips”. At that time our focus was on home tips and tricks to help with some common skin issues. Today we will take it up a step – a big step. Our focus will be to discuss some of the most popular and amazing new non-invasive medical aesthetics technologies and procedures know around the world. Since the writing of this article most of Canada has now entered into stage 3 of this Corona lockdown and we can (FINALLY!) start getting back into the gyms and spas! Making these options that we can consider turning to once more. We are living in an age where technology is ever evolving and advancing at a phenomenal rate. Just step back and look at our second home, the gym. From the days of cast iron and steel in the 1970’s to the most efficient and biomechanical correct machines currently in 2020, things have progressed significantly. In the realm of skin care and medical aesthetics the changes are even more progressive and amazing. As a medical esthetician of over 15 years, I am constantly being asked what the latest and greatest non-surgical trends and popular treatments are and how to get that celebrity like skin on a budget with zero or little downtime. “I don’t want to be cut and be bandaged and bruised for months on end. I want results but do not want to go under the knife.” If this sound like something you would say, I have great News - we no longer need to go under the knife to get amazing skin and body care results. Treatments are now virtually pain free, with little or zero downtime. We can truly reach your skin and body care goals without surgery! So here is the first half of my top 10 treatments in no particular order. This article will feature the first 5 and stay tuned for part 2 to be released in the following weeks! #1 – Carbon Facials One of the top treatments that the Hollywood stars rave over is the professional carbon facial. Much different then applying an at home carbon mask, the professional Carbon Facial also known as “Hollywood Facial”, “Black Doll Facial” or “Carbon Correcting Facial” is a professional treatment in which carbon is applied on your cleansed skin and removed using laser technology. Here at Body Tuned By we only use one of the world’s best and most trusted SharpLight Q switch Laser device designed and made in Israel, a world leader in non-invasive light-based skin technologies. This treatment is amazing since it helps to stimulate your natural collagen and elastin. It also tightens and closes your pores, removes blackheads and helps with reducing acne and slight pigmentation. Your skin will feel baby soft and look flawless. This treatment can even be done the day before a wedding to bring that bride or groom even more confidence as they walk down the aisle. It is usually performed in a series every 2 weeks for acne or every 4 weeks for anti-aging goals, however it can be done as a stand-alone treatment to give you that Hollywood glowing skin the night before that glamourous event (Say something like IFM Hot and Fit 100 Party?) #2 – Skin Tightening (using Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies) Concerned about loose skin, deep wrinkles, fine lines, cellulite, turkey neck, skin laxity etc., well those in the know how never worry because they know all about Skin Tightening treatments using IR and RF technologies! Infrared technology (IR) promotes Neo-collagenisis (New Collagen Production), giving your skin firmness, youthfulness, and minimizes deep wrinkles naturally. This technology is commonly used on the face, neck, upper chest line, buttocks, hamstrings and stomach, just to name a few. Facial skin tightening is noticeable immediately after the treatment and there is no down time. We can also combine or stack this treatment with Radio Frequency (RF) Technology as well. Here’s the breakdown of RF and all it’s advantages: Radio Frequency increases the adipose tissue temperature of the treatment area to about 38-44°C causing it to liquefy fat from its solid form. This allows the fat cells to release the liquid (as it is now oil) into the bloodstream. The beauty is it also collapse the fat cells so as long as you don’t go and refill those fat cells from poor diet choices or lack of activity the effects will be long lasting. This technology can also be used all over the body. It is only limited by your imagination. It is not uncommon to see 3cm lost in abdominal circumferential measurements in about 20 min. Yes, you read that correctly, 20 min. When was the last time you lost 3cm doing the Elliptical and had zero down time! Depending on your goals the average treatment plan consists of about 8-10 treatments 1 – 2 times per week. One can now realize why most of the stars look fabulous! Take your workout gains to the next level with this fantastic treatment! #3 -Skin Rejuvenation: aka IPL (Intense Pulse Light) It is what is says on the label. It rejuvenates your skin! Texturally for wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin and large pores, and pigmentation for areas of discolouration such as sun spots, age spots, vascular damage on your skin in the forms of rosacea, broken capillaries and telangiectasia, are both just a small list of what this treatment can help with. Once I plug in the correct parameters for your skin type and focus areas the rest is just a trigger pull away. Again, multiple treatments are needed, usually every 4 weeks. This procedure does takes years off your face. It makes people scratch their head and ask “what have you been doing because you look different?” The results are noticeable but subtle with every treatment. You can come on your lunch break, get your treatment done with zero down time and head back to the office with confidence. #4 – Laser Hair Removal The latest technology has made hair reduction/elimination virtual pain free (thanks to SharpLight Technology). With the SharpLight technology, no gels, lotion, pre or post ice are needed for those hard to reach places – Nothing! The hand piece pre-cools your skin down to -8C so it numbs and prepares your skin for a pulse of intense light that eliminates active hair follicles. It post-cools you as well so you never need to ice post treatment like older technology. Come in, enjoy an espresso, get your treatment and go back to your life without having anyone raise an eyebrow. It’s as simple as that. Effective even on tanned sun kissed skin in the summer for both men and women. You worked hard for those quads, abs and arms. Get them hair free and show those lines off even more. No body parts are off limits! Be ready for the beach any time! The average is about 8-10 treatments usually 6 weeks apart. You too can live the hair free life like all the celebs are while living on a budget and with zero down time and pain. #5- HydraBrasion – aka HydraFacial This is next level skin treatment that involves different grade diamond tip hand pieces that use gentle pressure to push pure water on the face or body area of choice. The diamond tip is used to exfoliate the skin at a desired level. Amazing to remove black heads, dead skin, junk, dirt and debris from the skin, especially after this quarantine! With this treatment we also pump hyaluronic acid serum into the skin to give it an immediate boost of hydration and that gorgeous plump look. This is the same product used in fillers. This treatment can be every 2-4 weeks. Modifications to the serum will be adjusted depending on your skins needs. The possibilities are endless. This treatment will leave your skin with a beautiful glow and your skin will so look flawless that people will be asking you what your secret to that natural glow is. It’s now up to you to share your secret or keep it to yourself! In the end, this is just a sample and appetizer if you want to get your skin care juices flowing. You may say to yourself I want it all, and many people do it all. We can stack treatments together on one visit to save money and time, because time is money. Whatever your goals are, we can help as we have been helping thousands of people bring their best skin forward, one body at a time. Stay tuned for the next 5 top treatments that will give you that confidence that the celebrities have, and for more information reach out to Laura at @ Body Tuned By (Instagram) or

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