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Since we announced our exciting partnership with DripFit for this years Hot & Fit, those of you that have been following along, have likely noticed that there have been a few changes that have been made. We wanted to take a few moments here to highlight those changes in more detail, and to make a few clarifications.

First of all, as we announced last week, we will be changing the format of the contest itself. Rather than having a "Top 10" we have selected to change it to a "Top 5". This change was made in order to give us room to highlight some of the amazing stories and achievements of all of the people who apply to this great competition.

There will be five additional categories that are set out to highlight inspiration, including a Fit Over 40 achievement. Due to this change we have made a couple of adjustments to our contest. We have extended the deadline to 3pm EST on Friday, November 27th, to allow for people to make the adjustments to this change (as well as in response to the cancellation of the Toronto Pro show).

More than that, as some of you may have already noticed, we changed the registration form to include the following five questions: What Are Your Goals? Who has inspired you most? How do you deal with setbacks? Who do you hope to inspire? What is the achievement you are most proud of? These questions have been added to give us a better glimpse into your stories, which will allow us to more easily hand out the additional awards. That being said, if you have already submitted to Hot & Fit with the previous form you do not have to resubmit to the contest. You have still be processed and will still be in consideration for the top 100, and top 5. If however, you have previously submitted and would like to be considered for the additional awards, we will need you to answer the above five questions.

However, DO NOT resubmit your form. Rather, please send your answer to these questions, along with the full name you originally summitted with to: editor@ifmmedia.com If you haven't submitted yet, then nothing has changed. Simply fill out the form, and submit as you always would have. Thank you to all the women that have already submitted, and to those that are still going to! We are honoured to be able to have a chance to share your stories and achievements. We look forward to sharing this years winners with all of you.

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