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Great News! We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Orangetheory Fitness, the hottest one-hour group personal training workout that’s taking the world by storm. Each month, we will be talking with National Fitness Director, Michele Nesbitt, to identify a move of the month. This way, on busy days where you just can’t make it to the studio, you can keep burning! To kick things off, we’re focusing on the side plank leg lift – a fantastic core exercise that also engages your hip abductors and glutes. We love this move because it challenges us on multiple fronts; our balance, stability and coordination, and can be done with no equipment (besides a flat, comfortable surface and a matt if you so desire!). When you’re ready to try it for yourself, find an open space and follow these steps: 1. Lie on your right side with your right elbow positioned directly under your shoulder and forearm placed flat on the ground. 2. Squeezing your abs, lift your bottom hip off the ground while ensuring you’re maintaining a straight line between your shoulders and feet, as shown in Step A. 3. In a controlled motion, lift your left leg as high as your body will allow creating a ‘V’ with your legs. Hold for a moment and return your leg to the starting position as Michele does in Step B. 4. When lifting your leg, keep your foot flexed and torso stable without bending at the knees. Start with 10 reps a leg for 4 sets each.
Expert Insight: A strong core is key to the effectiveness of this workout. If you’re having difficulty maintaining a straight and stable position, keep your bottom leg on the ground and bend your knee. You can also try keeping your forearm and fist grounded for extra support. Using a matt will also help you feel more comfortable during this exercise.
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