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Last month, we spoke about the importance of building core strength and the benefits it has on the simplest day-to-day activities. While the benefits to having a strong core are plenty, the diversity of them may come as a surprise to you. In addition to bettering our balance and posture, a solid core can increase overall power and help prevent injuries. It has also shown to help out on the inside and improve heart health, digestion and our circulatory system.<1> To bring some well-deserved attention to our centre, the July move of the month is the AbDolly Knee Tuck: a plank-like exercise that will have you working head to toe, inside and out. To get started, Michele Nesbitt, National Fitness Director, Orangetheory Fitness Canada shares some of her expert advice. Check it out here: *Don’t worry if you don’t have an ab dolly – options are provided!
  1. Find yourself a flat area where you can comfortably assume a plank. Keep in mind you’ll be moving so avoid any breakable objects.
  2. Starting with your hands planted flat on the ground underneath your shoulders, put your toes on the centre of the AbDolly, hip width apart.
  3. Extend your legs straight back and lift your spine up and out from your pelvis and thighs. Keep a straight and strong torso, stemming from your head all the way to your heels, like Michele in Image A. If done correctly, your abs, shoulders, glutes, quads, hip flexors and adductors will all be worked.
  4. In a slow and controlled motion, pull your knees into your chest (for best form see Image B) and slowly return to the start position without letting your hips sink.
  5. Repeat as many times as possible.
Expert Insight: You can still execute this move if you don’t have an AbDolly. To do so, assume the start position and in a controlled motion, lift one foot at a time straight towards your chest, and return. To more effectively simulate the ab dolly, try using a towel on a smooth surface, being careful to not slip.
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