Provincial Record Set by Surrey Woman Powerlifter -
By Rob Wilton (@rjmediacanada &

Trinity Western University was the location of this years Provincial Powerlifting Championships hosted by the BC Powerlifting Association.

BC Powerlifting meet directors Betty and Gabe Festing said the sport is recovering nicely from the extended pandemic and is growing in popularity. There were 168 lifters participating in the Provincials this year said Gabe, and among them was 1st place Surrey resident Laticia Castillo who set a new Provincial record Saturday.

Powerlifting is a sport which includes three lifting disciplines that include squats, bench press and dead lifts. Each competitor in designated weight classes gets three attempts to lift the most weight they can for each discipline. The combined weight lifted successfully is totaled for a final score and the most weight lifted wins the category.

Castillo took first place in her 69kg weight class with a record setting bench press and a total of 382.5kgs (843.3lbs) lifted over the three events including 135.0kg (297.6lb) Squat and 150.0kg (330.7lb) deadlift.

When speaking with the 26y/o and her family, they were all very excited about the days success. The 66.3kg (146lb) Castillo "punched well above her weight" with a lift of 214.9lbs and she said she is looking forward to "setting more records".

What's next for the Provincial Champion and Surrey record holder? Well, after only four years of competing, Laticia said she is "working her way towards" the Canadian Championships in February, with an ultimate goal of competing in the Powerlifting World Championships some day.

For more information about powerlifting, contact the BC Powerlifting Association. Rob Wilton is a Lower Mainland photojournalist; Follow Rob on Instagram: @rjmediacanada

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