The Secret Strategy for Intra-Set Rest Periods -

The Secret Strategy for Intra-Set Rest Periods

Do you really understand intra-set rest periods? If you think it's possible that you've been limiting your growth ability by using the wrong rest period, check out our latest installment of Tims Tips from Tim Rigby.
Do Trainers Have Trainers? -

Do Trainers Have Trainers?

Have you set health and fitness goals for yourself but are unsure on how to achieve them? Do you find your motivation falling away because of lack of results, or due to confusion about where to focus your energy? If this sounds familiar, personal training may be right for you! Coach Julie Germaine explains why an experienced coach can outline the steps to take to realize your goals quickly and efficiently. Personal training can get you where you want to be sooner.

Three Tips for Glute Training -

Three Tips for Glute Training

Discover the tips that you have been missing out, to ensure that your Glute workouts are getting the affect that you are looking for, follow these three tips from Travis Hansen.
The Ultimate 30-Minute Workout -

The Ultimate 30-Minute Workout

Many of us in today’s world find ourselves strapped for time, only leading to forgo the gym altogether or go about it the wrong way if you are short on time. So below I am going to outline for you a few of my favorite workouts using a method I’ve become known for…and they are complexes!