The Gym Rat Skincare Guide You’ve Been Missing! -
Written by Coach Laura Soulios (

As lovers of fitness and health we research the best supplements for our bodies, and we study what are the best exercises to activate the muscles we need to develop, but there is one area that I constantly see in my practice that lacks attention from many people, especially in the fitness world... It's our skin! So whether you're a dedicated gym rat or you're just getting started on your fitness journey let me give you my top tips on how to take care of your skin while at the gym. Leaving your face looking as beautiful as your body!

#1- Avoid Makeup

Many women like to put makeup on before going to the gym. Makeup will clog your pores and not allow your skin to breathe. It will also limit your skin's ability to sweat which is a great way of detoxing. Forcing your skin to sweat through makeup that has trapped bacteria and environmental debris is a huge contributor to adult acne, especially in the fitness world. So, ditch the makeup to allow your skin to breathe naturally. If you are self-conscious about your skin, contact me to help you. In the meantime apply a tinted SPF or tinted moisturizer and wash it off after your workout and reapply if needed. Check out my go-to tinted SPF here.

#2- Don’t Touch Your Face While Training

Let’s be honest your hands are touching weights, machines, water bottles, etc. So, touching your face and transferring that bacteria, dirt, and grime is a definite way to spread bacteria. When this dirt gets clogged inside the skin's pores it will cause breakouts. Bring a small, clean soft towel to wipe your face between sets or better yet a box of tissues to wipe and dispose of immediately. Just remember when in doubt, keep your dirty hands from touching your face!!

#3- Don’t Forget Your SPF

If your workout is outdoors then make sure you are applying an SPF to protect your skin from the UV rays. Get a lightweight or mineral-based SPF such as the one I use from Esthederm. After all, excessive sun exposure is huge contributor to accelerating the aging process of your skin!

#4- Get Your Hair Off Your Face!

When you workout it is a good idea to get your hair off your face by pulling it back or even using a clean sweatband at every training session. Also, don’t forget to wash that band between workouts. The last thing you want is to use that sweaty dirty headband again, and again. Yuk! Hair products such as hairsprays, and gels can also cause breakouts and irritation on the skin. Especially around the forehead area so remember to pull your hair back when working out.

#5- Wash That Face

After your workout, you are going to take a shower right away, so it's the perfect time to wash your face immediately using cool water and a cleanser to remove all the sweat, grime, dirt oil, and bacteria. Apply a cellular water mist such as this to rehydrate your skin. Cellular water is a rare product that has an electrolyte effect on your skin, so it recharges and hydrates the cellular level of the skin. This mist helps to keep your skin hydrated and more energized for hours. Apply a light moisturizer to lock in the moisture and keep your skin looking fresh.

Now that you know how to keep your skin on point while working out, go push yourself and set a new personal best!I am here to help you achieve your best skin ever! Join the conversation by texting AGELESS to 416 628 9879 to get access to more anti-aging
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