Transform Your Chest in Record Time with Lactic Acid Training -
Written by Funk Roberts

If you are looking for a challenge, lactic acid training is going to deliver that challenge. When it comes to weight lifting, most people do the tried and true. They perform one set, rest and then perform another set. Reps are kept to around 8-12 reps and each exercise is carried out as such.

Lactic acid training is going to transform your traditional strength training routine to one where your muscles cry for mercy. What is this training and what are the benefits of doing it? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Lactic Acid Training?

Lactic acid training is a form of training where you are going to subject your muscles to so much work and volume that a particular byproduct, lactic acid begins to build up in the muscle cells.

You see, when doing a normal exercise not to fatigue, ATP fuels each muscle contraction. As ATP runs out though, the body as to resort to an alternative source of fuel to keep the muscle contraction going.

This in return creates this lactic acid byproduct, which creates the burning sensation you’ll feel in the muscle tissues. This burning sensation is your body’s way of forcing you to eventually quit the exercise and reduce your risk of any further muscle damage.

What many do not realize though is that apart from the bad burning sensation this creates, there are many great benefits. One is fat burning. In order to develop that much lactic acid, you have to be working hard. This means working at an intensity level where the demand for oxygen by your body is greater than your ability to supply it.

This then creates what’s referred to as EPOC, otherwise known as excess post exercise oxygen consumption. When you have this going on, your body is burning up more energy after an exercise session in order to recover from the exercise that just took place.

As long as you are eating in a calorie deficit, this means your body will be better prepared to tap into stored body fat. Hence lactic acid training is very effective as a means of weight loss activity.

Who Benefits From Lactic Acid Training

Those who will benefit most from lactic acid training include those who are hoping to burn fat and who like intense exercise. This workout is going to hurt – no doubt about that. It shouldn’t be an injury type of hurt but rather, a burn in the muscles that will test your willpower to continue.

If you do carry on though, you will be greatly rewarded with excellent results. Intermediate to advanced individuals who have a good base level of cardiovascular fitness will be most suited to these sessions.

Before You Begin

Before you begin, take note, you are going to want to do some stretching after this workout is over. The potential for muscle soreness is exceptionally high so without stretching, you may find you’re unable to walk the next day.

Second, make sure that you remember to breathe throughout this training. Breathing is going to help your body perform more work, thus creating a greater training effect that will get you the results you want to see.

Finally, don’t go overboard. Do this training too often and you’ll be overcome with fatigue. A few days a week is perfect when just getting started. Let’s show your workout.

Killer 14 Minute Chest Workout – No Repeat Circuit

Perform each exercise for 35 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other

  1. Floor Chest Press
  2. Push Ups
  3. Eccentric Floor Flyes (slow)
  4. Decline Chest Press Bridge
  5. Crush Chest Press
  6. Wide Chest Press
  7. Chest Flyes
  8. Chest Press With rotation
  9. Standing Chest Flyes – Adduction Right
  10. Standing Chest Flyes Left
  11. Tempo Chest Press – Power Chest press
  12. Iso Chest Press
  13. Right Fly
  14. Left Fly
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