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Written by Coach Jesse Bettio

Get your mind right: Mindset is EVERYTHING when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Are you ready for the NEW YEAR! Let’s get your head in the GAME to succeed!

Here are some KEY tips to help align yourself to getting your mind in the right for fitness success in 2024:

1: Have a clear GOAL in mind

Are you training for your first marathon or triathlon? How about a bodybuilding competition or even a special event: wedding, trip or your birthday coming up? Whenever you set a goal remember the acronym S.M.A.R.T which stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Time-Bound. Now I would argue for the achievable part, a BIG goal may FEEL unachievable at first BUT if you break it up into small pieces of what you can control each day it becomes more manageable. Have a road map for the time / deadline you set to achieve that goal, it makes WAY more sense how possible it is to make that goal a reality.

2: Visualize the WIN

See yourself achieving it, either through meditation practices or have a photo for inspiration of someone achieving your goal. What does that look like? Maybe it is a photo of someone crossing a marathon finish line or a bodybuilding competition stage photo. Put this photo up somewhere you can see it frequently. This will act as a constant reminder of your fitness goal and you will begin to take steps to align yourself with that vison outcome. For me personally, I like putting that photo as my phone’s lock screen image. Studies have shown the average time a person goes to look at their phone is 58 times a day, that means I see my goal / vision photo 58 times a day. It is at the forefront of my mind and actions.

3: Building Discipline

There is a BIG difference between motivation and discipline. The KEY to getting your mind right AND having fitness success is discipline. It’s the long game. Simple as that. Slow and steady wins the race, and yes, ANYONE can do this! What does having discipline mean? This is a learned skill – it means showing up for yourself every day. You don’t have to eat PERFECTLY or train as HARD as you can every day. It is okay to give yourself grace. The KEY is consistency! No matter what, keep showing up for yourself. You deserve it. Everyday. This builds trust within yourself. I will admit, the hardest thing to see as a coach, is when a client is on a training plan, they stumble ONCE and then give up, forgetting all the progress they have made. Remember: you don’t have to train perfectly. Perfect doesn’t exist. You just have to be willing to continue day after day.

4: Positive Self Talk

What do you think would happen if you spoke kindly to yourself? If you truly believed in yourself? Have you ever heard of an affirmation? It is an emotional support and encouragement message like: I AM worthy, I AM strong, I AM at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. You can practice telling yourself affirmations every day. Choose one or as many as you like that truly speak to you. I like to have mine on post it notes and put them on my bathroom mirror so that I see them every time I brush my teeth. Right now, my affirmation is: I AM BRAVE, I GOT THIS, but this is what I need; find what speaks to you and post it up! Another option, if you want to keep it hidden: I suggest the inside of your closet door so you see your affirmations every morning when you get dressed.

5: Embrace Challenges

Another BIG portion of getting your mind right is having the UNDERSTANDING that challenges, failure, set backs are not scary things to stop you, they are PART of the process. This is not the final destination, but a hurdle to go through. Yes, I said through it, not around it. Face your challenges. You will GROW. You will level UP. This is a GOOD thing. Change your mindset to accept it. Like every motivational film that leaves you inspired there are ALWAYS obstacles to overcome. Once you accept this truth: The path to success is never straight. Challenges are normal. Obstacles are normal. You can overcome it. Then, you WILL achieve that goal. You will become UNSTOPPABLE and that is when ultimately succeed. Period.

6: Be Mindful, Practice Gratitude

Sometimes when we get SO focused on a goal and getting to the finish line, we forget the ENJOY the journey. The key to staying grounded and level headed through the process and remain at peace with the journey is focusing on something that you did each day that you are grateful for. It creates a positive mindset. My FAVOURITE thing to do (I’ve done this now for over 7 years) is take an agenda you can find at Chapters or Amazon BUT instead of writing a TO DO list for that day: I will keep that agenda by my bedside table and 5 min before bed EVERY night I will write something that happened that day I am grateful for. It can be as simple as I had a lovely walk in nature or a hot shower or something BIG like I meal prepped for the first time, or lost 15lbs! Whatever your fitness journey is, find something meaningful to you. Find something you feel grateful for every day. It gets easier the more you do it and will truly change your thinking to find the good in any situation! Practicing Gratitude daily creates a powerful positive mindset.

Alright, NOW you have the tools to get your mind right: You GOT this! Now GO get it!

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