Don't Miss Out on the Hottest Summer Hair Trends -
Written by: Angie Guenette

1: Hollywood Curls

We all know that curls are a staple for every occasion. However, “Hollywood Curls” have become a hot trend; using strictly a one and a quarter-inch barrel iron with a clip, we’ve outlined b =elow is how to achieve this basic but glam look.

Step 1: Use a volume or texture spray to give some grip and texture to your hair, or light-hold hairspray. Section your hair off into two sections if it is thick.

Step 2: Using a one and a quarter-inch iron, curl your hair in one-inch-thick sections away from the face, making sure you curl right to the very ends of the hair. Allow curls to cool completely before touching them.

Step 3: Once all your curls are complete and cool, brush your curls with a paddle brush and use a medium hold hair spray to set your style. Add slight teasing to the crown for extra volume and glam. Using a light spray with some shine to your very ends adds a nice touch for a night out.

2: Low Sleek Bun

Sleek and shiny buns have been a booming trend online and even seen in many new upcoming fashion campaigns. Though it sounds simple, the process of getting the perfect sleek bun is not all that beats the eye. Lots of hairspray and bobby pins are needed for this look, but I promise you it is always a showstopper.

Step 1: Comb your hair down slick to your head with a middle part and use a strong hold hairspray to secure the hair in place while taking the hair into a low tight bun that you secure with bobby pins. Spray down all the flyaways and tuck away any extra hairs.

Step 2: Add light hold gel on the parting and sides of the bun for an extra sleek look.

3: Mermaid Crimped Hair

The mermaid waves have blown up all over the internet and we are all obsessed with this look. It can be done easily using a simple hot tool.

Step 1: Use a volume or texture spray to add volume to the roots and grip the hair.

Step 2: Using a 22mm deep waver iron, crimp the hair evenly all over and finish with some hairspray and shine spray. Simple!

4: Jumbo Jaw Clips

The best way to tuck away all your hair on lazy days. You can find many of these jumbo jaw clips online to go with any outfit. You can even sport them in the gym or during a night out. Simply grab all your hair and twist it one way and tuck it up into the clip.


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