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Written By Laura Soulios (@laura_soulios & @body_tuned_by)

Here we go again, kicking off another new year and I know what your all thinking- thank goodness that 2020 is over. It will defiantly be a year to remember and one that many of us wish not to repeat. So, with a nice big breath of fresh air, let’s kick off this new year with strength, courage, thankfulness and gratefulness! Beginnings may look very different from profession to profession as we are all operating at different capacities, but it’s a new beginning nonetheless. We all have another 365 days! The older I get, the more conscientious I become of life but especially my overall health. The health of my skin is no different. Heck I’m no longer in my 20’s even though I might look it… well 29 at the most!! No matter how young or old you are, it’s NEVER too late to take charge of your skin! So here are some unhealthy habits to kick out and some new ones to adopt daily for that healthy skin version 2021. Before we can develop new habits, we have to remove the unhealthy ones that are causing damage to your skin:

  • Stop SMOKING: Nicotine prevents blood flow to your skin, therefore depriving it of essential oxygen and nutrients. Obviously it’s not just bad for your skin but your overall health.
  • Stop going to bed without washing your face: It’s easy to do yet we all have nights where just jumping into bed is more appealing. Yet, dirt and oil collect on your face all day long, even if you can’t see it, it’s there! And those who wear makeup, it is even more important to wash your face before hitting the sack.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption causes dehydration in the body’s cells, which can actually accelerate premature aging. Alcohol also depletes your body of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and produces toxins in your skin and overall body.
So, let’s ditch these bad habits for some healthy habits! Your skin is just as individual as you are, so there are some factors beyond your control, like genetics and hormonal changes. Similar to our individualized workout and diet plants, there is not a “one plan fits all” when it comes to your skin, however, these 5 healthy habits are simple enough to become a permanent practice and years of perseverance will make a huge difference in the quality of your skin. Just like the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Same goes for your skin and any new routines you are implementing in your life; it’s the daily efforts that make the overall difference. So here we go with 5 positive steps:
  • Cleanse: cleanse your skin. There are a multitude of cleansers on the market here @Body_Tuned_B, we have gels, milks, waters, foams so there is definitely a cleanser for you! No excuse for you not to use one! Don’t forget to cleanse your neck also!
  • Tone: Toners will help remove any left behind oils or dirt that you may have missed by the cleanser. It clears out the pores and leaves your skin feeling light and fresh. All the toners we have here have ZERO alcohol in them and this is extremely important since alcohol based toners will strip and dry out your skin.
  • Serum: as mentioned in other articles serums are lightweight moisturizers that are packed with active ingredients and nutrients that penetrate deep into the skin. If your new to using serum here is my pro tip: a little goes a long way! There is a wide array of various serums, so depending on your goals and skin type I can definitely help you select the most appropriate one! Serums are not to be chosen blindly or by luck.
  • Moisturize: after your serum, you apply a moisturizer. Face, neck and honestly all your body needs moisture. Moisturizer helps keeps your skin hydrated and gives your skin that healthy glow. Again depending on your skin type and goals there is a moisturizer that is correct for you. Send me a message; do not hesitate if you need help picking one up from our e-store.
  • SPF: YES, short and sweet this is a MUST. This will be your final step to your morning routine. Just like you would not miss having your protein after your workout, same goes to applying your daily SPF. We have different sunscreens for different skin types here as well as if you want to get a tan or if your sun intolerant. Even on a cloudy day you must not forget this step. Not all SPF’s are equal. We have the world standard for SPF technology with the most patents here so remember to reach for the best, do not cut corners. Also, more and more research studies are showing that the use of SPF also helps with the blue light effects from all our electronics so even more reason to start using one!
The lesson is to take care of your skin now so it can carry you beautifully into the future. Once you turn these above steps into habits your skin will be better for it and you will be on the way to achieving the skin you have wished for. So, with this new year let’s forget the past and set forth new goals, routines and habits that will help us for years to come.
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