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Written by Laura Soulios (bodytunedby.ca)

Have you ever managed to slay a fantastic workout but are then pressed for time? So you quickly jump in the shower or worst, towel dry your sweat and head out for the day? With all that post-exercise dew still on your face? Gross! Well, if you plead guilty to not washing your face after your sweat sesh here is what you need to know!

One of the skin's functions is to eliminate built-up toxins in the body. Sweat and sebum help detox the body which is fantastic, however, once these toxins reach the surface of the skin and are NOT cleansed away, they will reabsorb back into the skin! YUCK! Not only that but while working out your skin has also been exposed to other environmental aggressors such as dirt, and germs commonly found at the gym. So, you also risk clogged pores, breakouts, and inflammation. If those are not reasons to initiate you to start washing your skin and face specifically post work out, I don’t know what are.

Even if you're pressed for time you should have a couple of minutes to cleanse and prep your skin for the day. You actually need to use a cleanser and wash your face. This will clean the sweat, dirt, and debris that clogs your pores. My go-to cleanser is this foam cleanser which removes the oil, dirt, debris, and grime from the skin. I advise staying clear of products with AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) BHH (beta hydroxy acids) retinol or exfoliations. These all strip away your skin's natural oils and are not beneficial to use immediately after your workout. Save them for another time!

After you cleanse your skin I highly recommend a re-energizing cellular water spray. This will immediately hydrate the skin and keep your complexion fresh and dewy. Think of this as an electrolyte for your skin. So, in the same way that you sip on a BCAA or EAA while training and it gives you energy and hydration, this spray will do the same for your face!

Next, don’t skip the moisturizer! This step is needed after a workout since your skin will need hydration to compensate for all the sweat and moisture it has lost. Use a lightweight moisturizer like Hyaluronic acid. Not only does hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin but it retains moisture and it can also strengthen the skin's barriers and boost skin elasticity and help with those fine lines and wrinkles.

The last step is SUNCARE for your face. After all, if you want ageless skin you need to use SPF daily. Keep your skin protected from UV rays during the day, and also from the damaging blue light emitted from your laptop and mobile phone. This is a must and you should apply this after your hyaluronic cream. Always Remember SPF is your BF!

These four steps will only take you a couple of minutes to complete so you have no excuse to skip this essential part of your post-workout routine! The benefits will be present in the mirror and to those that you meet for the rest of your day. So ,you have no excuse and since more people see your face than your abs, don’t you think your skin deserves the same if not more attention?

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