Be Great: My Weekend at the King Kong Classic with PERFECT Sports -
Written by Laura Manganaro

They’ve mastered their minds. They’ve mastered their bodies. Now it’s time to showcase their work on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Bodybuilding has always been a community that I’ve been close to, but this year I had the pleasure of being there representing PERFECT Sports as the main sponsor of the King Kong Classic as it exploded onto the Stage in Toronto Nov 11th-12th. It showcased one of the most competitive natural events in the country and feature the best of the best of natural fitness, bodybuilding, classic physique, men's physique, figure and bikini athletes. It is also the last natural show of the year to qualify for the 2023 Natural Canada Pro.

As I walked into the venue the energy was high, the halls filled with athletes, sponsors and fans alike. Music began to spill out into the halls from the arena and generate a buzz of excitement at the PERFECT Sports booth, as fans stopped by to take a video and spin the wheel for free samples and swag! Even Bruce Colero (Owner of PERFECT Sports) came by for a chat with myself, Coach JVB and Sara (a fellow ambassador) on Day 1. What a powerhouse - stay tuned for his upcoming book! I, personally, can’t wait.

"Be Great" (PERFECT’s tag line) was the true vision as I watched competitors perform on stage, almost like watching an intricate dance as they posed, flexed and got the crowd pumped up and onto their feet cheering. Some were so powerful I had goosebumps.

Then came meeting the man himself King Kong (Chris) Wong. He’s larger than life in person, not just in the photos I’d seen. He and his wife Erika, who was there working hard to keep everything running smoothly, are two of the most amazingly warm, inviting people one could ask to meet and it was a true pleasure getting to know them.

I went home Day 1 on a high note that was hard to come down from. I can only imagine how the competitors feel.

Day 2: stage here I come (with trophies of course)

Walking in on Day 2 - it was a high vibration again, smiles and laughter filling the air. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa Benchetrit, Athlete Manager at PERFECT Sports and work the rest of the day with Melanie (a fellow PERFECT ambassador).

Now came the moments I admittedly wholeheartedly loved, handing out Trophies. Backstage was filled with a sea of competitors pumping up, perfecting their spray tans and getting themselves in just the right mindset to “Be Great” and win! Stepping up on the stage with King Kong Wong, I had the pleasure of presenting both the winners of Men’s Physique True Novice Overall and Men’s Classic Physique Overall. Both of these men were overflowing with emotion, as they saw the fruits of their labor paid in full.

Dreams do come true if you work for them. As to King Kong Wong telling me he hoped to see me grace the stage next year … that remains to be seen, but is an immense compliment! See you next year, it’s been a blast! In the meantime, “Be Great”!

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