The History of the Hot & Fit 100: Celebrating Canadian Fitness Excellence -

The Hot & Fit 100, an initiative by Inside Fitness, stands as a proud testament to the exceptional caliber of Canadian fitness. Since its inception, this annual event has evolved from a simple photo contest into a celebrated tradition, shining a spotlight on Canada's finest in fitness. In this blog post, we'll delve into its history, explore its evolution, and celebrate the achievements of its winners.

The Beginnings: Addressing a Lack of Exposure
Canadian fitness talents were once a hidden treasure, lacking the exposure they deserved on a global platform. Recognizing this gap, Inside Fitness launched the Hot & Fit 100 as a means to showcase the best in Canadian fitness. This initiative was not just about bringing Canadian fitness into the limelight; it was about honoring the hard work, dedication, and achievements of fitness professionals across the country.

Evolution: From Photo Contest to Cultural Phenomenon
What started off as a simple photo contest quickly grew into something much larger – a cultural phenomenon and an annual Canadian tradition. The Hot & Fit 100 became more than just a competition; it transformed into a celebration of health, strength, and empowerment. Over a thousand Canadian fitness women have graced its pages, each showcasing a unique visual of perseverance and success.

Celebrating the Winners: Over a Decade of Fitness Icons
The winners of the Hot & Fit 100 represent the pinnacle of Canadian fitness. Let's take a moment to acknowledge these remarkable individuals:
2023: Mercedes Marr
2022: Rebecca Hebert
2021: Alexia Monardo
2020: Teila Dawn
2019: Mandy Froude
2018: Natalie Gonzalez
2017: Jaclyn Phillips
2016: Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe
2015: Corina Froese
2014: Nadine Dumas
2013: Belinda Kiriakou
2012: Laura Michelle Prestin
2011: Leigh Brandt
2010: Heather Robertson
2009: Lyzabeth Lopez

Each of these women has contributed significantly to the fitness industry, not just in Canada, but as global role models of health and fitness.

The Hot & Fit 100 Legacy
Today, the Hot & Fit 100 stands as a beacon of inspiration and a hallmark of excellence in the Canadian fitness community. It's not just a list; it's a celebration of the vibrant and diverse nature of fitness, the hard work of dedicated professionals, and the inspiring stories of individuals who have reshaped their lives and those of others.

As we look forward to future editions, the Hot & Fit 100 will undoubtedly continue to uncover and honor the best in Canadian fitness, inspiring a new generation of fitness enthusiasts and professionals.

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