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"The Fittest Will Survive" is a quote we hear a lot these days; even the doctors say the stronger your immune system is, the better the odds of surviving the hard-hitting complications from the COVID-19 infection. Our body's immune system is a complicated combination of chemicals, processes, and cells that defend the body against invading pathogens, including different viruses, bacteria, and toxins. Keeping your immune system healthy is imperative to protect yourself from all kinds of diseases and infections. If your immune system is weak, even the common-flu can land you in the hospital. To bolster your immunity, most doctors advise having a nutritious diet plan, getting proper sleep, and doing some physical activity daily. There are many health supplements that improve the immune system's response against illnesses and diseases. However, you need to know that certain over-the-counter health supplements can interact with your regular medications. Some supplements are not appropriate for people with certain health conditions. So, be sure to talk to your doctor before you start taking any health supplements. Here, We Put Forth Some Popular Supplements That Are Known for Their Immune-Boosting Potential. Without Any Further Delays, Let's Check Out:

Vitamin D

The fat-soluble nutrient, Vitamin D, helps in the overall functioning of the body's immune system. It is known to enhance the pathogens-fighting capabilities of macrophages & monocytes — white blood cells are an essential part of the body's immune-system — lowers inflammation, which boosts the immune system's response. The deficiency of Vitamin D in the body negatively affects the immune system. Low levels of vitamin D are associated with a higher risk of contracting upper-tract respiratory infection, including allergic asthma and influenza. Yes, taking vitamin D supplements is not a bad idea during the global COVID-19 outbreak. Still, if you are experiencing coronavirus infection symptoms such as dry cough, breathing trouble, or loss of smell, you must get yourself tested immediately. Today, there are two types of tests: RT-PCR tests, and other being the rapid tests, such as the ELISA kits. The former one is a diagnostic test that can show whether you have an active coronavirus infection. On the other hand, the rapid test, detects the antibodies produced by the immune system in response to the virus. RT-PCR test takes 1 to 3 days, which a rapid antigen test can fetch you result in 15 to 30 minutes; thus, why governments prefer rapid tests in hotspot areas.


Zinc is a mineral that is either available as Zinc tablets or added to many other supplements for boosting your immune system. This mineral is needed to develop immune cells & communication, also plays a critical role in improving the inflammatory response. So, the deficiency of this mineral will certainly harm your overall immune system's functioning, thus resulting in a higher risk of contracting infections such as pneumonia. Numerous studies have revealed that Zinc supplements significantly lower the risk of upper-tract infections like the common cold. Zinc supplements can reduce the duration of the common cold. Taking the right dose of Zinc is essential, as an overdose could interfere with the copper absorption, which in turn increases your risk of catching the infection.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Since ancient times, our ancestors have used medical mushrooms to prevent & treat respiratory tract infections. Many types of medical mushrooms have immune-boosting potential. These include the lion's mane, reishi, maitake, cordyceps, and turkey tail. A study done on mice having the tuberculosis condition — a severe bacterial infection — found that having the cordyceps mushrooms significantly lowered the bacterial load in the lungs, improved the immune response, and reduced inflammation compared with the placebo group. Turkey tail is another type of medical mushroom that has a positive effect on the immune system. Research also suggests turkey tails boost the immune system in people with cancer.


The black Elderberry is always known for its immune-boosting ability. Several test-tube studies over the last two decades suggest that the elderberry extract has antiviral & antibacterial properties against the bacterial pathogens responsible for influenza virus and upper-tract respiratory infection. What's more, elderberry is medically proven to uplift the immune system response, lower the severity & duration of common cold, and reduce all the viral infection symptoms.

Vitamin C

Last but not the least, vitamin C is unarguably an indispensable supplement to protect the body against all kinds of infection. Vitamin C supports the functioning of the different immune cells and improves the body's ability to fight against infection. It also plays a critical role in cellular death, which allows the immune system to get rid of the old cells and replace them with new ones. Vitamin C is a powerful oxidant that protects the body against oxidative stress damage. Oxidative stress negatively affects the overall immune system and is linked to various health problems.

Let's Wrap Up

In the end, we'd like to tell you that there is no medical backing that supplements or Lifestyle modification can protect us from this novel virus like social distancing, and proper hand hygiene. So, the best way out is to limit visiting crowded places, wear the face mask properly, covering your nose too, keep a sanitizer handy, also use hand gloves to minimize the risk of getting infected from different surfaces at public places that you may come across throughout your day.
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