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Written by Tim Rigby

Your level of the natural anabolic hormone testosterone is directly related to your ability to grow and develop muscle. The higher your “T”, the more efficiently you’ll pack on lean muscle. Anyone who is deficient in testosterone due to genetic disposition, lifestyle behaviour, etc. will struggle to build mass as optimally as they could. If you’re under the age of 30, it’s unlikely you have a shortage of T, but for those of you over this age, you could very well benefit from natural testosterone supplementation. The right combination of several herbs and natural minerals has been demonstrated consistently over time to raise your level of T in a safe manner without the enormous slate of nasty side effects associated with steroids. So, don’t be shy and start using natural testosterone boosters as a highly effective adjunct to your training – after all, the big T also helps you burn fat and improve your mental state too!


The powerful herb fenugreek has been shown to enhance the male sex drive and hike testosterone levels in males, according to a study published in the scientific journal Phytotherapy Research. The results of this study, based in Australia, concluded that 81 percent of men experienced an increase in libido, while 63 percent achieved an improvement in their “quality of sexual performance”. Among the other benefits to consumption of fenugreek were faster recovery times from training, boosts in energy, and an improved sense of wellness. Fenugreek is one of the most common ingredients in natural testosterone boosters.

Standard Dosage: 100-500 milligrams per serving


TT has assumed a position of being one of the most popular ingredients contained within the breadth of natural testosterone booster supplements. Tribulus originates in mostly warm climates, including along the north coast of the Mediterranean, India, China, Australia and many regions of Africa. Tribulus has a myriad of applications for physical strength and sexual health which fall within the contexts of ancient Chinese traditional medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine. The effect of TT for increasing testosterone (and improving libido) is magnified in those who presently have relatively lower testosterone counts to begin. Tribulus is sold both exclusively by itself and within best-selling testosterone booster blends and is safe to consume at the suggested dosages.

Standard Dosage: 200 milligrams per serving


Tongkat Ali comes to us from Malaysia and is commonly known by its other name, eurycoma longifolia. It’s been used widely for centuries to enhance male virility and fertility conditions. Research studies have shown that subjects supplementing with Tongkat Ali can raise free and total testosterone, while also blunting cortisol (the stress hormone which plays a role in increasing one’s fat level). Tongkat Ali is another widely included ingredient in the leading natural testosterone boosters.

Standard Dosage: 100 milligrams per serving


This exotic herb from tropical southern Asian climates has consistently been shown to help build muscle and lower fat. Indian researchers have reported that males with normal testosterone levels who supplemented with ashwagandha for three months experienced a 15 percent increase in their testosterone levels. More significantly, they also found that subjects with low testosterone levels at the start of the study increased their testosterone levels by over 40 percent during the same three months.

Standard Dosage: 500 milligrams per serving


Stinging nettle is a very popular therapeutic supplement in men over the age of 50 who have prostatitis or other urological conditions, but it also has numerous practical applications for fitness athletes seeking to raise their “T” levels. This herb is native mostly to South America. It has been shown to reduce inflammation in the male reproductive system, while also providing mild anabolic effects.

Standard Dosage: 500-750 milligrams per serving
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