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There’s something so incredibly motivating about hard-earned muscle that you can actually see easily. While size is impressive, if your muscles are contained largely underneath unsightly layers of suet, then it really takes the shine off and diminishes your appeal. Achieving lean muscle with definition requires a combination of resistance training, cardio, diet and supplementation. This last requirement is where this section comes in. Select fat burners, proven safe and effective when taken at the correct doses, can assist your efforts in keeping that lean definition you work so hard for. Here’s a look at some of the most essential key ingredients contained in the best fat burners:


Caffeine and coffee are not the same thing. While the latter contains a certain level of caffeine based on portion size, we tend to accentuate the drink with things like cream and sugar which quickly add the calories. Pretty much every worthwhile fat burner product contains some level of caffeine in order to release fat. This occurs through its binding to your fat cells and taking the place of adenosine. Caffeine can prolong your workouts and help you burn more fat both intra-workout, and if you train intensely enough, for many hours to come afterward. Just be sure not to consume too much of it, nor late in the day, so as not to be kept awake from its effects.

Standard Dosage: 200-300 milligrams per serving. No more than twice daily. Ideally 30 minutes before training.


In conjunction with caffeine, acetyl-l-carnitine (ACL) if a very formidable ally in your quest to stay lean. Carnitine unto itself is an amino-acid-like molecule that plays an important role in the fat-transporting system between your fat cells to the mitochondria; this is where fat is burned away for good. Acetyl-l-carnitine has been demonstrated to be a superior variation of carnitine, for it does not require an insulin spike (or to be consumed with food). ALC ultimately has better absorption and uptake – you only need about half the strength of regular carnitine to get the same fat-burning effect.

Standard Dosage: 1-2 milligrams per serving, once or twice daily.


Depending on your age, you may be familiar with “citrus aurantium”, which was found in many fat-burning and energy drinks a couple decades ago. Synephrine is a specific herb derived from the citrus aurantium plant. In a similar manner as caffeine, it can free up fat tissue from your cells which you work into expendable energy. Although synephrine has a chemical composition that resembles ephedrine (which has had cases of negative side effects), synephrine has been shown not to cause a boost to your heart rate and blood pressure like ephedrine, but you’ll certainly still derive a metabolic boost.

Standard Dosage: 10-20 milligrams, once to a maximum of thrice daily.


The popular supplement conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is found both as a standalone supplement (unto itself) or combined in various fat burner blends. If you’re the kind of forward-thinking fitness athlete who liked to take preventative measures (i.e. stopping the buildup of fat before it begins), then CLA is for you. It is a naturally occurring group of Omega-6 healthy fats that inhibit the enzyme lipoprotein lipase; in doing so, it prevents the buildup of more fat into your cells. Subsequently, you can use the energy available from fat content to improve your workouts. Take CLA with each of your meals for best results.

Standard Dosage: 1-3 grams with each of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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