Vitamin C - The Ultimate Cold Remedy?  -

If you believe mega-doses of vitamin C will help you fight off a cold, you may be throwing your money away. According to nutrition and exercise physiologist Franci Cohen, your body can only absorb 180 mg of vitamin C at a time. Over 1,800 mg of a 2,000 mg tablet will get excreted through urine. Although vitamin C has it’s benefits, it is suggested to divide the tablet into pieces and consume throughout the day.

However, just because Vitamin C isn't going to be giving you the secret to eternal health (or, unfortunately, eternal youth), doesn't mean that you are wasting your time with it. Vitamin C is a necessary player in the growth, repair and recovery of your body's tissues, meaning that this is an essential part of your recovery period. It also helps with the formation of collagen, absorbing iron as well as maintaining the proper function of the immune system. So while extra vitamin C won't battle a cold that's already coming, it's still pretty damn important to ensure that your immune system is playin up to par.

So, yes, it might be a bit of a falsehood that Vitamin C is your ultimate cold combatant, however it is still a major player in your health, fitness and recovery, so stocking up on products that contain vitamin c, such as North Coast Naturals Immuno-C is still a pretty smart thing to do.

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