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In the ensuing period after you’ve finished working out, it’s important to re-fuel your body. Based on the certain manner in which you want to re-fuel it, there are a variety of post-workout blends also on the market. Typical ingredients include certain types of protein, leucine, glutamine, and even creatine which recent studies have shown also works effectively post-workout, instead of only prior.

Here are some of the top of the line recovery and post workout products being offered by some of our trusted retail partners:

PVL: Total Reload

PVL Total Reload is a full-dosed post–workout recovery drink mix. With 15,000mg of 100% free form amino acids for immediate uptake to initiate muscle recovery, Total Reload is fortified with electrolytes, lactic acid buffers, 72 trace elements, water–soluble B and C vitamins, and antioxidants. This formula will totally reload your body after intense athletic performances.

Mutant: GEAAR

Mutant GEAAR supports muscle growth and recovery. It is Leucine loaded, contains 9.4 g of EAAs + Arginine, 7g of BCAAs (8:3:3) which is the highest dose of any BCAAs and fermented/vegan aminos.

Perfect Sports: Pure Glutamine

PERFECT Sports Free-Form L-Glutamine powder contains 100% pure HPLC tested Glutamine. This amino acid supplement is a must-have for the hard-training athlete. Recommended by top trainers and pros to help support recovery after the kind of intense workout that gets results.

Nutraphase: Clean EAA

Nutraphase Clean EAA is a gluten free vegan friendly product design to help you with muscle growth and recovery. With a 3:1:1 ration of BCAAs and added Beta Alanine, it is all natural, refreshing and delicious.

PVL: Glutamine Gold

It only made sense to further harness the legendary power of Glutamine, by adding a hefty 1000mg dose of pure Vitamin C! After all, Glutamine is a legendary nutrient ideal for immunity, gut health support and muscle recovery. Glutamine plus the obvious addition of Vitamin C ramps up immunity, recovery and well-being to new complete heights. 2-in-1 vegan sourced Glutamine & L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine PLUS+ added Vitamin C! A dramatic 1-2 punch delivered in a deliciously light, tangy orange drink. Fight back. Recover quickly. All new Glutamine Gold + Vitamin C – only from PVL®.

Nutraphase: Clean BCAA

Another gluten free and vegan friendly product from Nutraphase, this product focuses on the BCAA complex to reduce muscle fatigue and increase muscle endurance. Perfect for pre and post workouts, this product is a must have for sure.

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