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The sun is shinning and the temperature is rising -- that means that it is time to head out to the patio, kick back and relax with that drink in your hand. Maybe you're a beer drinker (respect to that), but if you're looking to up your drink game this summer, and maybe impress a few friends, here's a rundown of some hot summer drinks that you simply have to try!

(Serves 1)

A summer classic, you can't go wrong with this fresh tropical drink. How does the song go again? If you like Pina Coladas... and taking walks in the rain...


1 ½ cups frozen pineapple
1 ½ cups ice
1/2 cup + 2 tbsp aged rum
4 tbsp cream of coconut
½ cup pineapple juice
2 tablespoons lime juice
cocktail cherry, for garnish


  1. Blend pineapple and ice until chunky. Add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve garnished with a cocktail cherry and drink umbrellas.
(Serves 4)

Rich, creamy, cool and decadent, nothing says summer like a iced coffee drink, and now you can make this delectable beverage at home.


1 tbsp instant coffee
4 cups milk
1/3 cup drinking chocolate powder
Baileys Irish Cream, optional
Chocolate flakes or chocolate curls, to serve


  1. Place coffee in a heatproof jug. Add 2/3 cup hot water. Stir until coffee dissolves.
  2. Stir in 1/2 cup cold water. Pour coffee mixture into a 12-hole ice cube tray. Place in the freezer for 6 hours or until frozen.
  3. Place milk in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until just warm (no more than 40°C). Add the chocolate powder. Remove from heat. Stir until powder dissolves.
  4. Divide ice cubes among serving glasses. Pour desired shot of Baileys into glasses. Pour over milk mixture. Sprinkle with chocolate.
(Serves 1)

Feeling a little European? Try a tasty refreshing take on a poplar British drink.


1 bottle Pimm’s
1 can grapefruit sparking water
freshly cut fruit (IE Peach)
1 spear of fresh mint


  1. In the glass, muddle the 1 or 2 leaves of mint (not necessary if you don’t have a muddler).
  2. Pour in 2 ounces of Pimm’s.
  3. Add in freshly cut fruit (IE about 2 peach wedges).
  4. Let it sit in the Pimm’s mixture for about 10 minutes.
  5. Add ice, then half a can of sparkling water.
  6. Top off with a few more mint leaves and enjoy!
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