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An Interview with Femsport Athletics Founder Nancy Lockington

Written by Melissa Phillips

Femsport Founder Nancy Lockington gave me the gift of some of her precious time to catch up on all things Femsport. It’s exciting times for this incredible all female drug tested fitness competition, as it is a long overdue 20th Anniversary for the event, being held in five locations across Western Canada this year.

The very first Femsport Competition was held in 2000, meaning 2020 should've been the 20th anniversary, but unfortunately, as we all know, Covid happened. It was a very small affair in the beginning with 12-20 Competitors in attendance and Nancy Lockington was one of the originals.

At the time, Nancy was a Promoter in Vancouver for the World Natural Sports Organization/Fame Bodybuilding Competitions and wanted to help make it bigger and better.Unfortunately she broke her foot and she was unable to compete and in 2004 the founders decided to move on.

Nancy wanted to keep Femsport alive so in her words, after a dinner time conversation, the ketchup bottle torch was passed on to her, hence the red and white team colours.

Inside Fitness (IFM): What is Femsport?

Nancy Lockington (NL): Femsport is an all female drug tested fitness challenge currently being held in five locations across Western Canada.

IFM: I love your mission statement, can you share what it is and elaborate?

NL: The Femsport mission statement is “Become Your Own Champion” and that is what it’s all about. The heart of Femsport is the competitors and each one has a unique story. This Competition provides them with a platform to show off their strength, physically and mentally.

IFM: So this year is the 20th Anniversary of Femsport, how exciting! Tell us a bit about how the competition has evolved over the years?

NL: Femsport started in 2000 on a stage with some bodybuilding poses and a fitness round consisting of 12-20 female competitors running jugs of water up and down the isles of the theatre.

Today, there are five to six timed events: The Kettle Bell Run, Tire Flips, Sandbag Burpee’s, Box Jumps, an Obstacle Course and Tire Drag. It is attended by 70-100 competitors in locations all across Western Canada.

IFM: What does the ladybug stand for?

NL: As a Gymnastics Coach, one of my dreams was to step on a Bodybuilding stage in the Fitness category. My biggest cheerleader who was constantly telling me to go for it was one of my dearest friends. Sadly she passed away from cancer and never got the chance to see me take the stage.

Another dear friend started the Patty’s Ladybug Cancer Fund to help provide women the items they need (wigs etc.) while battling the disease. Unfortunately she lost her fight with cancer as well.

I thought to myself if they could be strong battling cancer, I can be strong on stage. Partial proceeds from Femsport are donated to Patty’s Ladybug Cancer fund and it’s fitting as ladybugs symbolize strength, resilience, beauty and luck.

IFM: Tell us about the workshops being held at various locations across Western Canada?

NL: Sure, I am currently packing up to leave for Alberta, where my next workshop is being held. These workshops are held at official Femsport training facilities across Western Canada. I share all the details and info needed for you to “Become Your Own Champion” at your next Femsport Competition.

IFM: Wow that is awesome! Where else can we go to learn more about Femsport and perhaps register for an upcoming competition?

NL: You can find everything you need from the training manual to the registration form at You can also find us on Facebook (Femsport Athletics) and Instagram (@femsport_athletics)

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