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Written by Jesse Bettio

The BIGGEST misconception when it comes to bodybuilding is that it’s all about vanity. It’s NOT. It’s about being truly aligned, mind, body and soul to being your best, highest self. THAT’S bodybuilding. It’s discipline, it’s dedication, it’s mental strength.

THE DISCIPLINE & DEDICATION: Think about it, have you ever had a goal that you were so intensely focused on. Driven, motivated, completely laser-focused on turning that vision into a reality. Can you imagine how GOOD it feels when that goal is finally achieved? A HINT: Like heaven on earth!

The most common timing for someone who is training for a bodybuilding competition is between three to six months (sometimes even longer). To remain disciplined on a goal, for that long, is a BIG chunk of time to be giving everything they have to their training in the gym, mastering the understanding of hypertrophy training and building muscle through specialized muscle group targeted movements. They’re practicing and developing those movements day-after-day. Evolving, as an athlete, to become more and more comfortable and confident as time goes on by mastering these movements requires daily discipline to show up to your workout. Day-after-day, no matter how you are feeling, no matter what is going on in your life, stay FOCUSED, keep training and keep going. Now THAT is discipline!

A body builder not only has to master the gym, but also the kitchen. Clean meal preparation is another HUGE portion of dedication. They have to develop the skills of cooking clean, having a routine of twice a week organizing their meals or even cooking daily (depending on their lifestyle). Learning how to FUEL their body in the best way for their training is another BIG chunk of discipline and self-control. Including eating every 2 to 3 hours can be A LOT to get used to at first.

Also avoiding temptation and staying on track is not an easy feat. There are moments you will be tested, especially at social gatherings or even harder those late nights at home alone. Staying on track with a meal plan requires a lot of self-control. I don’t think bodybuilders get enough credit for how HARD the kitchen and meal portion of training is. Most people think bodybuilding is mastering the gym but I think it is much harder to master the kitchen. Yes, it definitely gets easier the more you practice clean eating, like anything in life, the more you do it, the easier it gets, but staying on track, THAT discipline, is truly commendable in all body building competitors.

MENTAL STRENGTH: Most importantly, a body builder must get their mind right to continue through all the hardships, setbacks, pain and discomfort. Does that mean perfection? Oh no! It’s messy, let’s be real here. THAT I think is the greatest STRENGTH of a bodybuilder: Their mind and spirit. It takes a very strong-willed person to remain on track (And YES anyone can do this). It just takes practice and a willingness to try. The KEY is consistency, that's how you ultimately win over your mind. Honestly, no one knows what you go through, those long nights or early mornings training, or meal prepping and having the dedication when completely alone to keep going. No one knows the obstacles you have to overcome to get through your training. To keep mentally STRONG even in those darkest moments, to keep pushing through is incredible! The mind can be trained and mastered. That is what a bodybuilder learns as a by-product of their training. How to WIN over the mind. That may be my FAVOURITE part of training, getting your mind right.

No matter what, everyone who competes in a bodybuilding competition deserves to be there. Every single competitor. Period. They all work SO hard in their own way. That is why usually when you are backstage on competition day, all other competitors are very kind to each other because they truly understand the battle is within themselves, not with one another. They can fully empathize with each other how HARD it is to get to that point.

More on getting your mind right: Remember this truth - the path to success is NOT straight. There are MANY bumps along the way. You will have moments of failure, that is okay and it is a guaranteed part of the journey. You bring your muscles to failure every day and then feel stronger the next day, right? That’s how you ultimately WIN. Failure is part of the journey NOT the final destination. Once you understand this, you will become unstoppable. Also, complaining is a negative vibrational energy. How do you immediately switch your mindset? Think of training as a BLESSING. Feel grateful, appreciate the process as a gift. Not many people have the discipline to do this. It is a GIFT to be focused. It is a GIFT to be disciplined, to have a goal and achieve it. Flip your mind when it is in a negative mindset to positive. This is a blessing.

So, the next time you see a bodybuilder, now hopefully you understand there is SO much that goes into that body. It’s not all looks, it's DISCIPLINE that’s the most impressive part, I truly respect that in all athletes, and if you are reading this, and currently on the journey of becoming or mastering bodybuilding. I want you to know: You GOT this! In case no one told you this today: I believe in you! Now you have to find the fire within you to believe in yourself. YES: You GOT this! Now: Go GET it!

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