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We have all been facing challenges and obstacles when it comes to our training; with the gyms continuing to be closed - though we're all hopeful for a slow reopening of them come phase 3 - we have all gotten creative with our ways of making sure that our fitness and gains stay on track with what we have available to us at home. It seems, however, that even the pros have had been forced to look for interesting alternatives when it comes to their training. Over the least few months, an unusual sight has been coming through the streets of Peterborough, England, as the Jamaican Bobsled team have been pushing a Mini 3-Door hatch as a replacement for the prowler that they typically use to train, and can no longer get to due to closed gyms! The pair has even received a convertible Mini in Jamaican colours from Mini UK to continue their efforts - or drive, up to them really. So, if you're feeling frustrated or tired of your own home training methods, just keep the Jamaican bobsled team in mind, and keep on running!

You can find more information and quotes from the runners here. Image pulled from source.
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