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Written by Amer Kamra

Pro-fitness athlete Amer Kamra has been known for many things throughout his career—being a world-renowned fitness coach, a 12x magazine cover model, his disciplined mindset, but most of all his shredded midsection.

It’s no surprise that the 32-year-old Toronto native looks the way he does, considering he works on his shredded physique 365 days per year.

Amer shared his ab workout with us which consists of over 300 reps per day of gruelling abdominal work, and that’s just the warmup to his actual workout.

Amer does a lot more than just this workout on a daily basis, but this is a good set of exercises for a shredded six-pack to do anywhere with minimal equipment in addition to your workout for the day.


4 sets of 20 knee raises
4 sets of 20 crunches on the floor
4 sets of 20 decline bench crunches


2 sets of 20 side crunches on each side
2 sets of 20 hanging hip elevations on each side

The speed of the exercise is one of the most over-looked variables when it comes to chiselled six pack. The goal is not to do as many reps as possible, or as fast as possible. The goal is to create mindful contractions in the muscles you are working out.

Everyone knows the feeling of waking up to a Charlie horse in their calves in the middle of the night. The reason these cramps hurt so badly is that the muscle is fully contracted; therefore, as the muscle contracts to its fullest capacity, it begins to hurt more.

That is how you should train your muscles, by emulating a deep muscle contraction to the point it feels like a muscle cramp.

It’s important that you train your midsection to develop and create an aesthetic-looking midsection, but to reveal the muscle and detail underneath you need to ensure you are in a caloric deficit. This means you must consume fewer calories than you burn, to strip the layers of fat off your midsection and reveal the muscles you’ve been working for beneath the skin.

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