The Secret Strategy for Intra-Set Rest Periods -

The Secret Strategy for Intra-Set Rest Periods

Do you really understand intra-set rest periods? If you think it's possible that you've been limiting your growth ability by using the wrong rest period, check out our latest installment of Tims Tips from Tim Rigby.
Beyond The Bodily Benefits -

Beyond The Bodily Benefits

Anyone who exercises regularly, and pays attention to the affects afterwards, can state that there is definitely a link between physical health and mental health -- however, how many of us fully understand the extent of it? In his books, Functional Training for the Mind and Trust the Grind, Jeremy Bhandri explores these connections, and the science behind it. In this exclusive preview, he gives you an introduction to those topics.
4 Keys to Improving Your Deadlift Today -

4 Keys to Improving Your Deadlift Today

If you struggle with the maximizing your results from a deadlift, and increasing your lift, then we've got the article for you. Sponsored by PVL, we've got the tips that you need to ensure that you are performing the exercise correctly, and therefore getting the gains that you deserve. Not to mention, the supplements to help you do it.
Are You Running the Rack? -

Are You Running the Rack?

Do you know why you should be running the rack in order to maximize your workouts and get the gains that you've been missing? Well Tim Rigby is here to tell you exactly what you've been missing out and how to correct it on the latest installment of Tim's Tips.
Consistent Growth (and It’s Easy Too!) -

Consistent Growth (and It’s Easy Too!)

Don't get bored with your training -- try the Delorme method and makes sure that you're getting your gains every single time. Want to make that workout even more effective? Supplement with great products from Pure Vita Labs (PVL) and you'll be sure to win.
Don't Neglect Your Traps! -

Don't Neglect Your Traps!

Sponsored by PVL: Discover the missing piece in your fitness regiment to really excel at your goals and push you to the next level. Use these three exercises as well as PVL's Domin8 preworkout to DOMINIATE your own physique.