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Written by Walter Young

Motivation is the buzzword for the biggest factor to success, in or outside of the gym. We are all looking for that motivating factor that will push us further, into a higher echelon of competition or of financial gain (yes, I am speaking to current or potential influencers). These days there are so many methods of getting inspired.

It has been a long time since the poster of Arnold was enough, now we can also listen to him tell us to keep going or what worked for him. There are so many voices whispering into our earbuds, varying degrees of intensity and volume, we are given reasons to be Warriors, or Lions, Kings or Queens. Exhortations to keep going or pushing through the pain, but is it enough?

I have fond memories of 80’s aerobics classes, socializing with others, all sweating together in a mostly non-competitive arena. Even only a few years ago, working in a big box gym, I would watch the lunchtime classes show up, always 15-20 minutes earlier than the start time to allow for the bonding beforehand. Now here’s the thing: those people were perhaps the most regular gym goers in the place. Only the truly hardcore lifters were as committed as these folks, being just as social, rarely working alone, in pairs for spotting purposes. Does knowing that you are meeting someone there at a set time drive you to the workout? Once there, does it also increase the efficiency of the time spent?

Speaking from my own experience, when my training partner is there, my workouts are better. We each nudge the other to push more, to rest less (instead of losing time scrolling between sets), and, in a perfect world, we are also watching each others’ form, no room for shortcuts, or letting the wrong muscle group do the work.

Currently, I can rely on the others in my spin classes to spur me in my bike training (as I wait for snow free roads to let me out). I get the feeling they would notice if I weren’t there. So, who do you turn to, without a class, or a workout partner?

Lately, I’ve been able to work on my running capabilities as I prep for my first triathlon. Thanks to an app on my phone, a disembodied female waits for me at the beginning of every run, pushes me forward, coaxes me to push a bit harder and coaches me on my form throughout. She even waves goodbye and sets the appointment for the next run She’s (it’s? They’re?) very helpful and I know that I am a better, stronger runner with this help. Sure, I can’t ask specific questions, I can’t even complain about the workout (not that I have ever complained to any coach or trainer I’ve ever worked with hahaha ) but I have to admit that the help of a virtual coach has been a great way to get results. I still have to rely on myself to get out of bed (or the office chair) and set everything going.

So it comes full circle. How do I motivate to start at all? I still have a virtual poster on my phone and , in times when I think I’m falling behind, on my bathroom mirror and my fridge (because that door is problematic as well).

Ultimately, I can rely on others to help my journey. Working on and keeping these relationships is important, I can use other tools like AI to help me along, and I must keep an eye of my goals.

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