Little Manitou Lake – Canada’s Answer to the Dead Sea! -

While the rest of the world might know Canada for it’s frozen tundra, and have convinced themselves that it is near artic weather all year round, we Canadian’s know that we can do summer just as well as everybody else, and there is nothing better done for summer than to head out to the beach! With the world’s longest coastline and more than half of the world’s lakes within our borders, there is an endless supply of beaches for you to choose from – though we’re willing to bet that none of them are quite like Little Manitou Lake!

Located in Saskatchewan, Little Manitou Lake is Canada’s answer to the Dead Sea. High in both salt and minerals, this is the perfect place to stop by for a float – as you can’t do anything else! The high volumes of salt in the water – more than even the ocean – increases the buoyancy, making it the perfect spot for a little rest, and relaxation. This has turned the community around Little Manitou Lake into a high tourist attraction, with a resort village that specializes in the relaxing.

So, if you’re looking for a break from your busy life – this is where you’re going to be wanting to book your next vacation!

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