Luxe + Well Cayman Islands Wellness Retreat -
Wellness is in the forefront of everything these days and it’s growing rapidly. With all of us working longer hours, receiving less vacations, and under more stress than ever, wellness retreats are the latest way to restore balance and health in your life. While wellness retreats are not about the free alcohol and salty, fat laden foods that leave you 10 lbs heavier and needing a vacation from your vacation, you also don’t want to sign up for a “fat farm” retreat, shedding water weight, restricting calories and unable to apply anything you learned once you return home. Welcome to Luxe + Well, the one of a kind health and wellness retreat focused on bringing out the very best in YOU. Set in the 5* luxury of the Cayman Islands, this all female retreat will be your safe haven to build your confidence and fitness from paradise. On this incredible week-long wellness retreat that has been developed by real women for real women, you will learn from mind-body Nutrition coach and eating psychology practitioner, Nadine Dumas whilst enjoying amazing island activities, delicious cuisine with some much-needed rest and relaxation. You’ll experience the best of island life and leave feeling refreshed and inspired with a whole new perspective on yourself! The goal from any wellness retreat should always be to come home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to improve your life and show up as the best version of you. And we think the Luxe + Well retreat has the balance just right. The trip includes 7 nights’ accommodation at a beautiful beach-front villa located in Grand Cayman and each reservation includes:
  • Daily Workouts to get your heart rate pumping
  • Private yoga classes hosted in the privacy of the villa
  • Paddle board yoga class in crystal clear Caribbean waters
  • 3 healthy meals each day in addition to tea, coffee and healthy snacks + smoothies
  • One on one private coaching session with Nadine Dumas
  • Inspirational daily seminars by Nadine Dumas
  • Gourmet cooking class and Recipes to take home
  • 4 course, fine dining food tour
  • Complimentary massage or facial in the privacy of the villa
  • Private boat cruise to world famous Stingray City; and
  • An island gift bag full of goodies!
This retreat is not just about fitness. The daily seminars will focus on the state of your well-being, personal health, Nutrition, fitness and mindfulness delving into topics like body image, weight loss, chronic dieting, binge eating, energy levels, fatigue, digestive and immune health, mood, depression and anxiety. There will also be one-on-one private coaching available for those who want custom coaching on where they currently are in life. Luxe + Well was formed with the mindset to ensure each guest leaves the retreat feeling inspired and empowered, with a new outlook on their personal well-being. By joining the Luxe + Well retreat, a lucky group of women will realize the power of focusing on their wellbeing to create amazing change and to inspire others in daily life – on vacation and beyond!
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