Online Sports Equipment Spikes Over 80% -
While certainly an interesting fact, it certainly can come to no surprise that recent reports are coming in that the online sales of Sports equipment have spiked to an 83.4% increase when compared to a similar time frame from early January. The answer, of course, is COVID which has forced many of us to change the way that we workout, moving, at least temporarily, from a gym culture to an at home/personal workout culture instead. While there has been the glimmer of hope that our gyms will be returned to us in the long awaited for "Phase 3", it is still unclear when exactly that will happen, or what they gyms will look like when that happens. For many of us, with the restrictions and new rules required to reopen the gyms safely, it may seem that easier to continue with our at home Workouts. For some of us, this time may have even taught us that our homes are already equipped (or easily enough equipped through online purchases) to give us the gains that we require. For a full review of the statistics both in the fitness industry, as well as what other industries have changed over the course of this pandemic visit the full story here.
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