Secrets To Skin Confidence: Acne -

Written By Laura Soulios (@laura_soulios & @body_tuned_by)

Today we are going to talk about ACNE and how to achieve clear, radiant skin! I used to struggle on and off with my skin, going through weeks of hormonal flare ups with deep cystic pimples below the skin and looking like a so called “pizza face”. This SUCKED! It made me feel so insecure, it was painful, and it just made me feel really sad. Maybe this hits home for some of you? I feel you girl. Acne is a big reason why a lot of women end up on hormonal birth control! In fact, it is estimated that 14% of women use the pill for acne treatment alone. Crazy right? Problem is, when you want to break up with the pill or Accutane, then all hell can break loose on your skin. So, you jump back on that pill, and the cycle continues… Let me share with you a couple things that I use DAILY and changes I’ve made, that have helped my skin tremendously! ACNE ADVICE

  1. Ditch the Dairy.
It’s a major trigger for acne and congestion in the skin! How do you know what is true for you? I have my clients that struggle with acne eliminate dairy for at least 4 weeks and then slowly bring it back in to see if it pushes that acne further. Many of them feel less bloated throughout the day and better digestion once eliminated! Better digestion equals a happier gut health, and a happier gut health helps with clear skin! When your gut is unhappy and trying to detox, often the first place it shows up is on the skin.
  1. No sweating with makeup on!
I know, I know!! Sometimes this can be a hard one because we don’t want to go anywhere without makeup on at times like this. I PROMISE you that it helps by not sweating with a face full of foundation! Your skin will breathe better, be less clogged up and you will have far less pimples to deal with as a result. Makes sense right!?
  1. Increase Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Examples include fatty fish, ginger, turmeric, and plenty of organic fruits and veggies. This helps your oil production and your hormones get back into a happy balance!
  1. Are you Nuts for Nuts?
Our beloved peanut butter, the nut with the most common allergens and highest PH Levels. This little peanut can be a culprit to throwing your PH levels off balance and giving you little red bumps under your skin. You might not be full blown allergic, but if you’re nuts for peanut butter and often struggle with acne - your skin could be trying to tell you something.
  1. The Beloved, Holy Greens Juice! Drink a full serving of fruits and vegetables every day before breakfast for ultimate absorption in the form of a convenient greens drink and just watch how it improves your skin!!! I drink 1Up Nutrition Greens & Reds. This has been a huge factor in keeping my gut health and digestion on point, and making my skin glow from the inside out! I’m not kidding, you’ll notice a difference too. It’s an everyday staple.
Regardless of acne flare-up, I want you to remember: YOU are BEAUTIFUL! These tips might just help you control your acne a little bit more! You can read more and find Randi at @confidencebyrandi
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