The Great North: Sirmilik National Park -

Located on Bylot Island, off the northern tip of Baffin Island, Sirmilik National Park is a true arctic adventure to those who are brave, and skilled enough to seek it. Located on a remote island, from late July to September when the ice has melted, the park is accessable only by boat. Local guides and rentals can be found at Pond Inlet or Arctic bay, though all guides must be approved by Parks Canada. This thawing allows for Sea Kayaking to key marine sites such as Oliver Sound (Kangiqluruluk), Lancaster Sound (Tallurutiup imanga), and Eclipse Sound (Tasiuja), however it should be noted that this is not merely a pleasure cruise for beginner kayakers. Marine hazards such a strong winds, currents and floating ice lead the park to encourage that only experienced kayakers take this option, and even then only in particular areas.

In the park itself there is extensive opportunity for hiking, skiing or mountaineering depending on the season, and your skill level. While this is a true wilderness park, and there are no marked trails, park staff will help you plan your trip, which will bring you up close to unique rugged terrain, vast wildlife including foxes and snowy owls, and any one of the 16 ancient glaciers that exist on Bylot Island. For skiing or mountaineering, the best time is spring (Late March-Early July) and once again it is strongly recommended that this is for skilled and prepared back country travelers. Experienced guides and training are required, particularly for those intending to get up close and personal with glaciers.

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