Top 5 Erogenous Zones For Men -
By Coleman Molnar It’s true that it’s better to give than to receive … but not by much. Just like on the female body, men’s erogenous zones are not limited to the genitals, and strategic touch of various areas can lead to intense arousal. Next time you’re about to get intimate, ask your partner to pay some attention to some of the following, oft-neglected areas (or just leave this magazine open to this page somewhere she’ll see it). Nipples: That’s right, you’ve got them too. And while they’re not as fundamental in the child-nurturing department as hers are, they can be just as rewarding in the child-making department. Have her start slow, activating the nerve endings on and around your nipples with her fingers or tongue, and be sure to let her know what feels good. Hands: Touch is the number-one sense when it comes to arousal (followed closely by sight), so it follows that one of our most acute and sensitive touch organs, our hands, would be high on the list of erotic places. Ask her to blow, nibble, or press on your palm, and play with your fingers during foreplay — or do it to her first, to give her the idea. Ears: Something as subtle as her breath over your ear can elicit a powerful sexual response. There’s the auditory element, the sound of her gasps as you find her pleasure, and the physical aspect, the warm humidity of her breath, like a tropical breeze. Get her to bring the dirty talk in close and whisper it in your ear, with the odd kiss or nibble to the lobe or sides. Shoulders: As one of the most “manly” parts of the male physique, massaging of the shoulders can be a two-birds-one-stone kinda thing. You’ll feel aroused and relaxed from the physical sensation and she’ll get to savour the caress of one of her man’s strongest features. Win-win. Feet: You walk and stand on them all day, and they end up holding a lot of your tension. Suggest she help relieve some of said stress with a foot massage during foreplay, paying attention to the inside of the ankles, which can be particularly sensitive for men, and working her way up to your own “hot spot.”

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