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Written by Julie Germaine

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your current size, build muscle, or just optimize your health before the warm weather returns, your diet is ultimately going to decide your success. Here are my top five tips to boost the nutritional content of your foods without doing a complete lifestyle overhaul.

  1. Choose whole grain foods, such as multi-grain breads, whole wheat pastas, and brown rice over the white, processed versions.
  2. Eat more eggs, especially for breakfast or before bed. More protein is always beneficial for your health and eggs offer you a complete protein that your body can effectively use. Eating more protein helps develop and maintain lean tissues, which increases your metabolism naturally.
  3. Whether cooking for yourself or ordering delivery, choose dishes that are baked or roasted rather than grilled or fried.
  4. Eat more fruit – and choose these over sweets when you are snacky! Fruit is nature’s candy, and there are so many varieties and flavours to choose from, you should really never get tired of them.
  5. Love the crunch of chips at night? I hear you! Instead of this fatty, high calorie trap, make light popcorn (and don’t add too much butter). You will save yourself 200 calories per 100 g serving with this simple swap.

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