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MISTAKE 1: Focusing on LOW CARB instead of TOTAL MACRO INTAKE CARBS ARE NOT THE ENEMY. Unfortunately, the “low carb” diet has become a trendy way to “lose weight fast” but ultimately is nothing more than water retention loss. It also can make the experience of dieting extremely unenjoyable, with the insatiable hunger being unbearable. This sets you up for failure from the beginning because it isn’t something you can happily maintain long term. Instead of focusing on LOW CARB, focus on all 3 of your macronutrients (well-balanced protein, carbs, fats) and making sure you are consistent in achieving a consistent caloric deficit if your goal is weight loss. It’s not about eating less; it’s about eating more of the right things! MISTAKE 2: Focusing on RESTRICTION instead of DISCIPLINE Many feel as if they need to “restrict” instead of just being more mindful of portion sizes and having self-discipline. While I strongly believe everyone has certain “trigger foods” (foods you have no self-control around) that should be avoided, I do believe and promote a more realistic way of going about reaching your goals. This is possible by tracking macros. With this method you are allowed the flexibility to eat a variety of different foods, yet empowered to learn how to eat according to your goals without eating chicken/rice/broccoli for every meal (boring!). The majority of your foods should come from nutrient dense Nutrition sources, complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats, and with remaining macros you can fit in something that you are craving and enjoy with a reasonable portion size! Remember though, the less sugar you have, the less you crave it. MISTAKE 3: Focusing on PERFECTION instead of PROGRESS! Your health and fitness journey isn’t going to be perfect. Life on its own throws us so many curve balls - like busy work days, travel or unforeseen events that throw us off routine. Instead of stressing that something wasn’t perfect in your diet or your training that day, just aim to do your best! We aren’t aiming for perfection, and as long as you are doing your absolute best there is no way you won’t get to where you want to be! MISTAKE 4: Focusing on CARDIO instead of LIFTING Lifting weights will help you transform your body in ways cardio alone cannot! It will allow you to build lean muscle, and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest! The more calories you burn at rest, the more efficiently you burn body fat. Weight training and continuing to push yourself with the weights you are lifting is going to be the most efficient way to work on your goals. MISTAKE 5: Focusing on MOTIVATION instead of MOMENTUM Motivation is just not always going to be there. A bad day at work, a cold winter day, not feeling your best – there are so many factors that are NOT going to inspire you to keep working. Learn to slow down, not quit. Take advantage of the days you feel good, and do your best on your worst days (whatever your best is that day) and you will never feel like you’ve hit a “plateau”. MISTAKE 6: Focusing on the END GOAL instead of enjoying the JOURNEY And lastly… Don’t be so laser focused on your end goal that you fail to enjoy the process along the way. Remember WHY you are doing this in the first place - your WHY needs to be more than a physical reason - and workout to feel a certain way and the rest will fall into place! Celebrate progress BIG and SMALL, and recognize non-scale victories that happen every day! These non-scale victories are things like: strength, energy, sleep, confidence, and how your clothes are fitting.
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