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One of the struggles health conscious individuals have is consuming products that are inline with their goals. If the food consumed does not match the physical demands, you do not look or feel the way you should. Eating unhealthy snacks and unhealthy meal replacements is clearly counterproductive. Finding a protein bar that tastes just as good, but is in-line with your lifestyle is a wise choice. The Mammoth Protein bar was designed with a broad range of users in mind: Fitness Athletes, Sports Athletes, Busy Business Professionals, First Responders, Hard Gainers & Students.

Mammoth Protein Bar is loaded with an Industry Leading 25g of Protein. It is a multi-layered HIGH PROTEIN bar that has a BIG crunch, a soft-core, great texture and four superb tasting layers. The significant dose of Protein will help you hit your daily nutritional requirements and support the growth of lean muscle mass. Eating a delicious Mammoth Protein bar will keep you feeling fuller for longer and eliminate the need for unnecessary snacking throughout the day.

  • Mammoth 25 Grams of Protein
  • Low in sugar & carbohydrates
  • Delicious taste and texture
  • Multi-layered
  • Convenient

WHO USES Mammoth Protein Bar?

Strong & Active: If you are very active, have a lot of muscle mass or are looking to gain muscle, adding more protein to your diet is a must. More protein will increase muscle mass and performance in physical activity.

Time-Restricted Customers: It is a great substitute for unhealthy snacks between meals, work breaks or before your exercise session.

Meal Replacement: Protein bars are often seen as a quick way to replace a meal. A balanced calorie bar like the Mammoth Protein Bar will keep you feeling full and energized.

Hard Gainers: It is not new information that making healthy weight gain requires consuming more calories than are burned each day. If this is your goal, the Mammoth Protein Bar would be an ideal addition to your eating plan.

Weight Loss Customers: Nutritional research has proven over and over that a high protein diet supports healthy weight loss. One of the primary factors is the filling effects of protein and the prevention of overeating.

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I stack this with Mammoth Pump for less caffeine and added Neutropics as well as using Swell for my evening workouts. Tastes great as well!

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