3 Underrated Keys to 6 pack Abs: - insidefitnessmag.com
Written by Travis Hansen

1: You can't spot reduce your abs with exercise

Unfortunately, you all have been lied to on what are the main drivers to washboard abs. Our hormones have receptors that regulate where fat comes off along with blood flow networks. All you can do is hit the gym hard, eat a calorie deficit, and stay diligent and the physique will eventually follow suit.

2: HIIT is highly effective:

Research has shown that HIIT not only causes a massive dump of fat loss hormones but the hormones increase sensitivity to fat loss in stubborn to lose areas. Remember that according to fat loss patterns, men carry more of that apple shape (i.e. Gynoid fat patterning) and will generally struggle to remove fat in and around the abdominals.

3:Crunches are dismal at best:

How many people have you witnessed that were absolutely shredded, while also claiming to have not done any crunches or situps? They were right all along and here's why....

Crunches don't yield any real calorie burn, but are great for local muscular development, strength, endurance, and even low back health when performed properly in certain cases. High octane exercises that torch body fat and blow through calories will always be the ticket to uncovering the fat that blocks the rectus abdominus (6 pack muscle).


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