Beat The Cold This Winter With These 5 Indoor Workouts -
By Andrew Verness Exercising is often equated with misery and struggle. You get up early, practice a routine that tests your limits, and expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. While certain sacrifices and investments must be made, fitness activities can very well be fun, collaborative, and safe. Even more so, exercises and other activities are now enjoyed inside the comfort of a four-cornered wall. Get to know some of the best indoor fitness activities.


Research has shown that dancing is one of the top ways to look young. When you dance, your spirit is lifted and nearly every limb and muscle is moved gracefully to your favourite beat. No equipment is needed and, even with your house clothes on, you can dance. You can very well give it a try during weekends. Videos focused on high-intensity dancing like Zumba and aerobics are available to guide users who are not accustomed to choreographing moves.


Not all people are drawn to dancing or any other vivacious ways of sweating it out. Some prefer the more relaxing ways to staying fit, and this is the reason why Pilates and yoga studios are mushrooming everywhere. While Pilates requires equipment, yoga becomes more of a ready option for instant Workouts because all you need is a mat and a ready mind to begin exhibiting yoga positions. Yoga also enriches the soul and the mind, which makes it a preferred choice by many stress-laden professionals.

Indoor Sports

Amazingly, many of the best known competitive Sports are now experienced indoors. Rain or shine, there is no stopping you from exercising or training. Among the popular outdoor-to-indoor transitions is the indoor soccer which nearly every human person loves. Grounds are built inside a covered court to ensure smooth undertakings, regardless of the weather. If this sounds like an interesting option and you are naturally inclined to kicking balls, then give indoor soccer a try this weekend.

Wall Climbing

Mountaineers love the breath of fresh air and the unpredictability of an outdoor life. There is excitement in trekking mountainsides, seeing firsthand the different plant and animal species, and bonding with the group. While it’s impossible to bring a whole mountain inside a room, climbing up a wall with almost the same formations and level of difficulty as that of the natural mountain wall is possible. Indoor wall climbing tests your muscle strength, stamina, and cardio fitness. If you’re up to the challenge, then go ahead and rope yourself all the way up to the most difficult wall formation.


Cycling, running on a treadmill, spinning, and other machine-assisted exercises are widely available anytime. For a change, consider a more interactive way of exercising, such as boxing. Grab your pair of gloves and comfortable shoes and you’re ready to rumble with your coach. Models and celebrities are including boxing in their regimen, especially because it’s a great exercise for toning your muscles. Contrary to popular belief, it does not bulk you up unless you include weight lifting in your pre-workout. The list of indoor activities can also include simple routines like jumping jacks and stretching to intense activities like practicing martial arts and playing futsal and badminton. With indoor exercises, the weather becomes irrelevant and some nuances, like wind, noise, passers-by, etc., can be controlled so you get the most out of your day. Take a pick and don’t delay in trying out any of these recommended activities! Andrew Verness is a Sports enthusiast and the owner of Action Indoor Sports. His passion for Sports helped him build one of the biggest indoor stadiums in Australia so that people can enjoy Sports year-round.
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