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Tim’s Tips Are Written by Tim Rigby, M.A., NSCA-CPT

The temptation is there. This is why many at the gym choose to train while showing off their hard-earned muscles to attract the attention of admirers. The sense of accomplishment can also be noticed by one’s self gazing in a mirror. However, if you make a habit of training while wearing the least amount of clothing possible, you’re shortchanging your potential for muscle growth – and making it less efficient.

Solution: work out fully clothed. This has many benefits which begin with shortening the time necessary for you to warm up. Let’s face it, a lot of gyms are cool places with air conditioning running constantly – especially for the benefit of the cardio mob. In such an environment, your muscles are prone to tightening up and requiring much longer time performing warm up sets. Working out fully clothed allows your blood vessels to become dilated more quickly, which also allows for more efficient post-workout nutrient absorption.

Don’t believe us? Take a look around the gym some time and pay attention to the guys who are the biggest and most muscular. Chances are they’ll be in sweat gear – often a hoodie over top of a t-shirt, along with track pants. This is no coincidence: they know how much more they’ll get out of their training by keeping their muscles warm for the sake of growth and development (plus, the pumps are so much superior). Sometimes, these guys even go into the sauna, fully clothed, just to break a sweat quickly and then immediately dive into their training. It’s easy to see how you’ll naturally burn more calories, too.
So whether you’re male or female, feel free to show off your muscles any time you feeling like when simply posing, or visiting the beach, and so on, but for the best gains when you’re actually training, make sure you work out fully clothed.

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