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Muscles exert force on external objects, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Strength can be measured in a variety of ways, like force, weight, and size. These are the 6 strongest muscles in the human body.

Hardest working muscle: the heart. It pumps 71 grams of blood with every heartbeat (that equals about 9.5 litres of blood a day!), and it beats approximately 3 billion times in a person’s life. This muscle is one of the strongest because of its ability to endure fatigue.

Largest muscle: the gluteus maximus. Its main function is for hip extension during movements such as running, jumping, and climbing steps.

The muscle that exerts the most pressure: the masseter, which is located in the jaw, is one of the muscles that is used for chewing. A person’s average bite strength is between 117 to 265 pounds!

Fun Fact: the tongue is also super strong, but it is actually comprised of 8 muscles, not 1.

The muscle with the greatest force: the soleus, which is located in your calf. One of its primary jobs is to keep us upright when we are standing.

The most active muscle: the external muscles of the eyes. They have the highest number of repeated motions. We exercise our eye muscles during the night while in REM sleep.

Strongest muscle by weight: the uterus (it weighs only about 1.1kg).

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