Hack Your Nutrition with... Asparagus? - insidefitnessmag.com
By: Joe Meluso

Asparagus is a highly beneficial prebiotic food that can be utilized for its many various functional properties. If you know you will be having some alcohol, having some raw asparagus prior to or during alcohol consumption can be highly effective to offset some of the effects from alcohol. Asparagus contains two key enzymes that aid in alcohol metabolism. Looking to offset the effects of a cheat meal or some junk food? Asparagus can be utilized as a great hack for this. When you consume bad food, you will experience an increase in bad bacteria in your gut and therefore be pushing gut bacteria in the wrong direction. Asparagus contains inulin which provides substrate for commensal bacteria in your gut. This will aid in the production of the satiety hormones PYY and GLP-1 which will slow gastric emptying, regulate appetite and reduce excess body fat storage. Additionally, asparagus will help to reduce inflammation caused by the bad food so the next time you have some junk food try having some asparagus prior or worst case, afterwards to push gut bacteria back in the right direction.


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