Mammoth Meal 30 Day Challenge - Day 1 -
Day 1- Mammoth Meal Challenge with Mark Ikonomu Mammoth athlete Mark Ikonomu @mark_ikon takes on day 1 of the Mammoth Meal 30 day Challenge. In this video, we learn a little more about how Mark got started into bodybuilding. Mark tests all 3 flavors of Mammoth MEAL and gives us his opinion, gets his body fat/BPI measured, and hits a quick arm workout while ONLY consuming Mammoth MEAL. Mammoth Meal Giveaway: Simply subscribe to our YouTube channel, and you will automatically be entered for a chance to WIN FREE MAMMOTH MEAL! Separate giveaways will also be held on our Instagram page @getmammoth Stay tuned and turn on notifications for this month long documentary, starting Jan 1st 2019. And don't forget to check out our other social platforms for live raw footage of the 30 Day Challenge - links down below. What is Mammoth Meal? A premium quality, all in one Super Food Shake designed to complement and enhance a busy Lifestyle. Ideal for bodybuilders, fitness nuts, gamers, busy professionals, first responders and those on shift work. Interact with Mammoth on: - Instagram - Facebook - snap getmammoth
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