New Truths about Body Mass Index! -
Written by Tim Rigby

Nutrition plays a big role in determining one’s Body Mass Index (BMI). For a very long time, it’s been generally accepted that the lower it is, the more active people are. Those with higher BMIs are considered to have a poor diet and to exercise less. However, recent research is offering information which contradicts these assumptions. Scientists in China are reporting that people with low BMIs in fact are less active, and they simply eat less. The report was published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

A total of 323 individuals were examined in the study. Of these, 173 were considered to fall within the “normal” BMI range of 21.5 to 25. The remaining 150 subjects were considered to fall under the threshold of a healthy BMI, meaning they each registered at 18.5 or below. Whereas society stereotypically associates extreme leanness with fitness, the results of this study revealed quite the opposite. The researchers found that those possessing a more “normal” nutritional profile were in fact more active. To many people, this may seem surprising; however, to those in the know – especially about the value of carbohydrates for energy – the conclusions drawn from the study in fact make perfect sense.


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