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If you walked onto an Inside Fitness photo set and you heard uproarious, uncontrollable laughter, chances are Greg Plitt was involved. A long-standing and undeniable presence in the fitness industry, working with him was never a chore; during the hours you spent with him, you would be dazzled with stories of travel and adventure, all with the take-away message that you can absolutely, 100 per cent, do anything that you set your mind to. It was this positivity that made him an icon in the hearts and minds of many. Though he tragically passed away far too soon, at the age of 37, we had the privilege of working with this former Army Ranger, busy actor, and world-renowned fitness inspiration on many occasions. As we combed through the magazine’s archives of articles, sound bites, and images, one thing became clear: Greg, though often imitated, was never matched. Join us in remembering this indisputable force of nature with thoughts from those who knew him and the captivating images that formed a career that will always be evoked when “motivation” comes to mind.

“For myself and the rest of the IFM family, Greg was more than just a cover model — he was a friend. Photo shoots, whether at the Arnold, in sunny Los Angeles, or at our head office, were always filled with memories, laughter, and tales of recent adventures (supplied, most often, by Greg). Though he may no longer be with us, his influence will be felt across the industry for years to come and in the hearts of those who knew him and looked up to him as an icon.” - Terry Frendo, Publisher
Greg Plitt
“Greg Plitt was like no other person I’ve met in the fitness industry. His energy and passion for everything he did in life was truly amazing and infectious to those around him. I was fortunate to know him since the start of my career in fitness photography, and over the years even more fortunate to be able to call him a friend.” - Arthur Kwiatkowski, IFM Chief Photographer
“I, like everyone else, was saddened and shocked by the death of Greg Plitt. I had the pleasure of working with Greg for over a decade, and I could honestly say he was one of a kind. What made him so successful and separated him from the pack was his ability to lead. They say that leaders who are admired and respected have earned that admiration and respect. He didn’t follow a blueprint to get to the top; he led by example and did things his way. Well, this leader’s way positively affected the lives of a countless number of people. The dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them. Greg, you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, my friend.” - Frank Sepe, IFM cover model
Greg Plitt
“I am deeply saddened to hear of Greg’s passing. Greg was a close friend and mentor. He was fearless, driven, and always told you how it was. Never at a loss for ideas, he always lived life with such zeal, more than anyone I’ve ever met. Oftentimes, we would sit at his house and just bounce ideas on how he could better reach and connect with his fans. Passionate and humble in all his endeavours, those who were close enough to call him ‘friend’ knew how solid he was. I will miss his laugh, his advice, and his uncanny ability to have a good time no matter where we were. Cheers to a legend, a friend, a soldier, a leader.” - Tyler Best, Personal Trainer and Model
“I am deeply shocked and saddened at the loss of my friend and teammate, Greg Plitt. I was looking forward to working with him in a few weeks at our first appearance together for 2015. Greg was by far one of the hardest working, self-motivated, and inspirational individuals I have ever met. I will never forget how passionate he was when he was talking to fans — he had a way of making you believe anything was possible if you wanted it bad enough, that life was too short to wait around wishing for things to happen, to go out there and take a chance. I will miss hearing about your crazy adventure stories, the next big business project, and just joking around at the shows. I am forever grateful for all of the personal and business advice you have given me over the years. You were an amazing human being. Rest in peace.” - Nicole Wilkins

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