Inside Fitness Radio 

is a series of shows in an interview format covering a wide range of topics such as sports nutrition, motivation, business, BTS, sports etc. Industry experts will be called upon to give their take on current trends and their past hardships/triumphs. Hosted by Terry Frendo, Publisher and CEO of Inside Fitness Magazine. Terry has a network in the fitness industry that goes back 24 years.

Total Fitness Podcast with Mathew Smith and Walter Young

The Total Fitness Podcast, a podcast inspiring your greatness! We focus on your more than just physical fitness. We believe that without a total fitness of the mind, body, and spirit, you will not be able to accomplish what you've set out to do. Your host's Matthew and Walter make sure that you have the tools to be able to do so! 

Mathew Smith

 From martial arts, sports, bodybuilding, boxing, and more, Matthew has gained a vast knowledge of training and nutrition from being in the industry for years. Having trained 150+ clients to get into the best shape of their lives through his BodySmith Method, Matthew continues to inspire and help people grow to become their best self. His main focus is to help people realize their full potential, live a healthy, sustainable life, and have a strong, positive mindset throughout it all.

Walter Young

Walter has been active from high school swim team and water polo, old school aerobics, to competing in physique contests, and now triathlons. Now he's living in Toronto working as a Life & Fitness Coach or the term I prefer, Longevity Coach, and truth be told an activist against ageism. His work is in finding the pathways to maintain or to return to fitness. Changing mindsets to welcome challenges and change. Looking at nutritional shifts, not diets, which will allow for healthy habits without a feeling of punishment and a generalized return to good health and long lives. Activity is the primary goal.



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