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Written by: Sara Frenza, Women’s Nutrition and Body Transformation Coach (@sara_frenza)
Photography by James Patrick (@jpatrickphoto)
Hair & Makeup by Denise Blake (@_beautybydenise_)

Are you trying to keep up with your strength training routine on the road and finding hotel gyms just completely unreliable in terms of equipment availability? Yeah, me too, but I’ve got a secret for you: Whenever I leave the house for travel, I stash a couple of resistance bands in my travel bag, and then I know I’ve got myself a killer workout waiting to happen—literally anywhere! Resistance bands, as small as they are, pack a challenging punch while folding up to fit into your purse or suitcase like a glove.

In terms of ease and convenience, it just doesn’t get better, and as far as the passé idea of resistance bands being for beginners, that’s just so far from the truth. Capable of adapting to almost any training variation your heart can dream of, resistance bands are one of the most versatile training tools out there—for anyone, beginner to uber advanced. So, let’s dive into one of my absolute favorite resistance band workouts.

This workout uses supersets. If you aren’t familiar with supersets, it basically means you’re completing one exercise immediately back-to-back with another exercise with no rest in between, and the exercises are usually between two opposing/complementary muscle groups.

2 types of bands required for this workout:

  • Tube resistance bands with handles
  • Loop mini bands

*Always do a dynamic warmup before beginning your training session and some static stretches at the end of your workout.


Superset # 1

SQUAT x 12 reps

With an open chest and feet shoulder-width apart, push your hips back to sit your butt back behind you and towards the ground while keeping your weight spread throughout your feet, but mainly in the heels. Move until you’re approximately parallel, then stand back up and extend the hips before repeating for reps. Keep the tube resistance band held in your hands and anchored under your feet during the movement.

GLUTE BRIDGE x 15 reps

With shoulder blades on the floor and feet resting almost under your hips with knees up, push through your heels and contract your glutes at the top of the movement, before releasing and repeating for reps.

4 total sets, 45 second rest between sets.

Superset # 2

BENT OVER ROW x 12 reps

In an athletic stance, use a supine grip on your tube resistance band and begin with a bend in the waist and a flat back. Explosively but in control, contract the band back towards your body, then release slowly. Repeat for reps.

FRONT LATERAL RAISE x 12 reps per side

In an athletic stance and with knees slightly unlocked, anchor the tube resistance band under your feet and slowly raise one arm at a time, keeping the lifting elbow slightly unlocked.

4 total sets, 45 second rest between sets.

Superset # 3


Anchoring the band under your feet set in an athletic stance, curl each arm up towards your shoulder, alternating between arms.


In an athletic stance and with your feet staggered, one slightly in front of the other, and knees unlocked, hold the tube band in both hands with arms extended overhead. Slowly lower them back behind you from the elbows, then explosively yet in control contract the band back up to full extension.

4 total sets, 45 second rest between sets.

Superset # 4

HIGH PULL x 12 reps

Standing on the tube band with both feet in an athletic stance with feet hip-width apart and knees unlocked, hold the band handles in each hand, palms facing you. Explosively yet in control, pull the band up towards your shoulders, then slowly release.

PLANK x 45 seconds

Set up in a high plank with forearms resting under shoulders and legs and core tight. For added resistance, wrap the fabric mini band around your thighs, just above the knee and contract your glutes and push your thighs outwards to keep the band tight.

4 total sets, 45 second rest between sets.

Superset # 5

PUSH UP x 12

In a high plank position, slowly lower down until your chest grazes the ground or you’re unable to go lower. Push back up explosively.


Laying on the tube band, under your mid back and holding the handles with palms facing out, explosively yet in control push the band upwards towards the sky, keeping your back straight (don’t arch) and core tight.

4 total sets, 45 second rest between sets.

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