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Written by Travis Hansen (ResultsbyScience)

With all the circulating fitness information that exists today, it can be difficult to discern truth. More importantly, what will work best for you at your current level of fitness and strength versus someone else. Right now, you are going to learn about three quick and easy ways to promote faster strength gains in the gym.

Tip #1: Avoid low reps/failure training

When you hear the word strength, it's common to automatically associate this coveted skill with how much total weight you should lift. However, using moderate reps, at high intensities or weights is just as effective for the majority when it comes to getting stronger faster.

Tip #2: Use speed and power work regularly

Although the focus with strength training is to indeed get stronger, being able to generate that effort faster will lead to more cumulative strength resulting in faster and more appreciable gains no matter the movement. For example, using DB Swings on speed days to help improve your deadlifts.

Tip #3: Utilize a comprehensive warm-up system

There are three things science has routinely shown to attain better performance when you warm-up properly. You can view these as "low hanging fruit" which very few discuss today. Here they are:

  1. Progressive muscle fibers recruitment
  2. Pre-exhaustion
  3. Improved coordination

The first topic is your body calling on more of your muscle mass to use when you properly stagger, customize, and progress poundages during your warm-up segment.

The second is almost never discussed, but absolutely critical to maximizing your conditioning, performance, and energy production during training. You want to trigger that "second wind" in training so you need to make sure your getting winded and becoming fatigued during your warm-up and prep work.

Lastly, you have stored movement recall in specific areas of the brain, but getting in some quality reps before the stuff that really counts is always a smart choice to make sure your coordination is on point.

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