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Written By Morgan Rammo

Calling all glute lovers! Most of us know the basic booty exercises like traditional squats, bridges & standing kickbacks. While all those movements serve a great purpose in your booty building routine, we wanted to show you some exercises you may have never seen before! Here are 5 “Bootiful” exercises that require minimal to no equipment and can be done anywhere (even in your living room!) All you need is your body weight, an elevated surface and some room to move around.

GLUTE MOVE 1-Side plank Abduction with Clam Shell

A) Start by laying on your side with your knees slightly bent and heels & knees stacked over one another. B) Make sure your heels, hips and shoulders are well aligned. C) Ensure your arm closest to the ground is bent at 90 degrees with your elbow stacked over your shoulder and your other arm is held up above your body with your hand placed on your hip or reaching above you. D) From this position the arm closest to the ground is going to help lift your upper body off the ground all while keeping your knees on the ground. E) At the same time, you lift yourself off the ground abduct your knees apart (forming a clam shell). F) Try your best to lift your hips up as high as you can off the ground while maintaining good positioning. Try 8 reps in a row, switch sides and repeat.

GLUTE MOVE 2-Wall Split Squats

A) Start by getting into a lunge position ensuring your front knee is stacked over your front ankle. B) Place your other foot on a wall behind you, your foot should be just below the hips. C) Slowly lower into your lunge and press your foot hard into the wall behind you. Try 8 reps in a row, switch sides and repeat.7

GLUTE MOVE 3-Reverse Hyperextensions (Required couch/bench/chair)

A) Start by laying on your couch/bench/chair so your hips should be at the end allowing your legs to lift freely. B) Lift legs using glutes & hamstrings with minimal upper body movement. C) Slowly lower down to starting position.
Try 8 reps in a row.

GLUTE MOVE 4-Kneeling Squats

A) Start in a kneeling position maintaining a lengthened torso. B) From there sit back on your lower limbs. C) Lift your self back up to starting position and press your hips forward squeezing your butt.
Try 15 reps in a row.
Want to advance this move? Try adding a resistance band around your hips so the tension pulls you backwards creating more force to your glutes.

GLUTE MOVE 5-Froggy Glute Bridges

A) Start by laying on your back with your feet together and knees drawing out forming a diamond shape. B) Press your hips up and squeeze your bum as hard as you can so that your body makes a straight line to your knees.
Try 15 reps in a row.

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