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Written by Tim Rigby, M.A., NSCA-CPT,
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Featuring Sandra Sorgini

When it comes to shapely, toned and athletic glutes, you’d be hard-pressed to locate a better pair anywhere than the backside of Sandra Sorgini. This former semi-professional soccer player and university coach is a jock of all trades with textbook glutes that are highly aspirational for all. With the right combination of strategic exercises, a healthy lifestyle and sound nutrition including best-in-class supplements from PVL, Sandra’s bottom is tops – in anyone’s book.

While the full battery of exercises for glutes is numerous, we’re going to identify 4 strategic moves you can perform which will yield amazing results for your rear. Using sound form, perform this glutes workout 3 times a week for a period of 4 weeks. Space your training days out evenly (e.g. each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday). Most importantly, technique is essential – so let’s examine each of these exercises in detail:


Approach a barbell on the floor and stand as close as you can to it. Keeping your back straight and head in line with your spine, bend your knees and hinge forward from your hips to grasp the bar with an overhand grip at shoulder width and your arms extended. Think of your arms strictly as meat hooks and do not pull the barbell by flexing them. Press forcefully into the floor by extending your legs and raise with the bar until you’re upright. Pause at the top position for a second, then using control lower the weight back to the floor.

Sports Applications: Soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, weightlifting


Load the bar to your desired weight and walk underneath to assume a position of it resting on your traps. Grasp the bar with an overhand grip of at least shoulder width, spread your feet and keep your head level. Unrack the bar and using control, flex through your legs to descend until your quads are parallel to the floor. From here, forcefully press into the floor to extend your legs and raise up to the start. Throughout the motion, keep your vision level and don’t allow your head to drop down. Pause at the top for one second and keep repping.

Sports Applications: Basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, racquet sports


Grasp a dumbbell in each hand using a neutral grip. Stand upright and swing the weights up to the level of your clavicle, supported mainly by your forearms. Stand tall and spread your feet to shoulder width, then bend your knees slightly. Keeping the weights fixed in position, flex your knees to descend into a squat until your quads are parallel to the floor. Then press into the floor explosively to raise yourself back to an upright position. When your legs become fully extended, use the kinetic chain of momentum (coupled with your arms) to press the dumbbells overhead. After they reach peak position, allow them to return to the original position.

Sports Applications: Throwing events, baseball, hockey, rugby, basketball


Grasp a dumbbell with both hands and a neutral grip, then stand tall and raise it in front of you at the level of your chest. Place your feet together with your lunge-side foot up on its toes. Keep your head level. When your body is still, lunge laterally as far as you can go comfortably, keeping the weight fixed in position. Your back leg should cross at least 45 degrees. Then reverse direction by extending your lunge leg and return to the start. Work one side for 10 reps, then switch up and work the other side.

Sports Applications: Hockey, soccer, basketball, racquet sports, skiing


Sandra is an All-Canadian university athlete, semi pro soccer player and university coach with H. B. Kin/B. Ed degrees. She teaches fitness and sport focus classes at the secondary school level and is also a Canfit Pro PTS and body transformation coach. Sandra guides former high-level athlete moms back to champion form through strategic training, nutrition and mindset programming.

Sandra says, “Round, perky glutes are not only an aesthetic dream but the gluteal complex are the strongest muscles in the body. More important than having a set of perky, firm buns, there are incredible health, performance and longevity benefits to building your booty!”

Great Glutes Improve Posture

Sandra says, “When your lower body and pelvis are in alignment due to strong, developed glutes and core, you will develop great posture and look better. Sitting at a desk all day will lead to sleepy glutes, shortened hip flexors and upper back muscles. If you work at a desk job or are sitting for most of the day, you will definitely want to focus your training on your glutes for functionality, aesthetics and health.”

Great Glutes Improve Athletic Performance

Sandra says, “Athletes who focus on developing strength and power in their glutes, hips and posterior chain perform better. Quick changes of direction (which are integral to agility sports), running, jumping, twisting, and driving through the legs and hips are all movements athletes perform over and over again in sports. These movements require a need for power and stability in the hips and glutes.”

Great Glutes Help Prevent Injury

Sandra says, “Getting injured will delay your progress in a big way. Building your glutes can help you avoid and recover from injury in your low back, hips, knees and ankles by creating proper alignment and stability.”


Sandra says, “Make the most of your glute training efforts by consuming top-quality whey protein like PVL’s ISOGOLD. It sure works for me. After all, your butt is made of big muscles – it needs protein to recover and grow, so don’t neglect this vital part of your glutes shaping equation!”

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