May Move of the Month - Bicep Curl -
We love outdoor activities in the summer. Golf, baseball and volleyball – you name it. They’re a fun way to enjoy the warm weather but can all do a number on your arms if you’re not prepped. To help get you in shape for your favourite summertime activity, Michele Nesbit, National Fitness Director, Orangetheory Fitness shares tips for this month’s move of the month, the bicep curl, a simple yet effective arm exercise for all fitness levels. Michele demonstrates this move using a suspension trainer, but the beauty of the bicep curl is that you can mix it up and substitute with free weights. Ready to get your arms ready for whatever summer brings your way? Give these steps a try:
  1. Stand facing the wall where your suspension trainer is anchored. Lean back on an angle that feels comfortable yet challenging, as shown in Image A.
  2. You will want to be in a solid plank-like position. To get there, slightly pinch your shoulders keeping your armpits down and shoulders away from your ears. Engage your core and squeeze to lift your lower back so you are not rounded. Slightly tighten your glutes to help maintain this position.
  3. While holding onto the handles, fully extend your arms with your palms facing up. In an upward motion, bend at your elbows to contract your biceps and bring hands towards your forehead like Michele does in Image B. Be careful to not let your elbows drop or shoulders round. To maximize your efforts, you want to maintain the plank position and move at a pace that would allow you to freeze at any point of the exercise.
  4. When your arms have reached your forehead, carefully release your arms to the fully extended start position. Repeat!
Option: If you don’t have a suspension trainer, grab yourself some free weights. Instead of leaning back, maintain a stable position with your feet grounded beneath your hips. Place your arms next to your thighs with your palms up. Contract your arms and lift the weights to your shoulders. Slowly release and repeat.
Expert Insight: At Orangetheory Fitness, all studios use suspension training as it is effective at strengthening the inside and outside stabilizer muscles like your shoulders, trunks and hips. It’s also a fun way to add variety to your workout as the options are endless. People with busy schedules who can’t always make it to the gym or who travel a lot may want to consider investing in this equipment as it is portable, easy to install at home, outside or while on the road. Interested in franchising an Orangetheory Fitness? Please visit
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